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Today we are going to talk politics, strange dumb laws, the 1800 Atlantic beach problem, the lobster trap case, No Name Key, taxes, marijauna, the Prop 8 trial and terrorist trials. Quite a mix!

Golf yesterday was terrific! And fun!

It was the first day of Don’s new golf league. Match play. A different opponent each week.

My partner is bocci buddy Rob. We played against Nate and Dean. I specifically played against Dean.

It was fun! It was action!

Nate is a former professional golfer. He played in the big time on tour. He now is the celebrity bartender at Bagatelle’s. Dean is chef at Pepe’s. Rob is a bartender at Don’s Place. Me, I do nothing. I am retired.

Nate, Dean and Rob all hit the ball long. Especially off the tee. I cannot get off the tee. Where they were in 1, I was in 2 or 3.

My close game kept me in the match, however.

Dean beat me by one hole on the front side. I considered it a moral victory.

On the back side, I beat Dean by one hole. The match was not decided till the 18th hole. I had to work! Such drama!

Overall, Dean and I tied. We each won the same number of holes.

A great match! I was thrilled he did not destroy me as I had anticipated.

I received strokes, of course. 14. 7 a side. I needed them.

Dean shot a 99. I a 114. A 15 point spread. The strokes were appropriate and the handicap system worked as far as we were concerned.

Rob had a hard time with Nate. Remember, Nate is a former pro. He shot a 77. Rob shot 100. Rob got 14 shots, also.

Nate destroyed Rob on the front side. However Rob came back on the back 9. Rob won the back 9. Nate won the match overall however as he won more holes totally. The front 9 did Rob in.

I thought Rob played terrifically! Especially on the back side! And against a former pro!

Afterwards, I had to hurry over to Lisa’s to babysit again. The grandkids still sick.

Yesterday was Wednesday and Wednesday is Bobby Nesbitt time at Aqua. I stopped at Aqua at cocktail time to hear Bobby. All I can say is that I enjoy his singing. Anytime you get a chance to hear Bobby, do it. He is a treat!

Later I stopped at Pepe’s for dinner. I knew it was Dean’s night off. But I had not been to Pepe’s in a while.

Pepe’s claims it is the oldest restaurant in Key West. It further claims the pirates used to meet there back in the 1700s to plan their raids on the Spanish galleons traveling the Caribbean.

Interesting folklore!

Pepe’s serves mother’s food. Overloaded dishes of good wholesome food. I had a half a broiled chicken with mashed potatoes. Great gravy covering the mashed potatoes. Yes, Mom’s cooking!

I ate all of the chicken. Picked at the potatoes. I was trying to edge back into my diet.

That was my day. Not a bad one. Actually a very good one. I played golf, saw my grandchildren, heard Bobby sing and ate a wholesome dinner. Sort of a God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world day!

Remember to join me on the radio show at 1.

Enjoy your day!

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