The weather report is that the cold wave will move out Friday when the high will be 71 degrees. I can’t wait!

It is 52 this morning. The high today will be 61.

Today is Wednesday. Golf day. Will I play? Yes. I am a die hard. The question really is who else will play. We shall see.

I spent the day in yesterday. Did not go out till last night.

The morning was spent doing necessary paper work. The afternoon getting ready for Thursday’s radio show.

A great radio show in the making! I am going to comment on the Florida man recently released from jail after 37 years based on DNA evidence, the first legal marijuana dispensary which opened in California, the Prop 8 gay marriage Federal Court trial, the Harris School restoration, weird Florida laws such as it is illegal to have sex with a porcupine, the growing cry for appointed judges, Lincoln the lawyer and Murphy’s law.

Good stuff! Interesting!

Listen in to the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Thursday at 1 pm. KONK 1680 AM. You can also see and hear on the internet at

It is a talk show in the making. So join me with a call in. The telephone number is 305-294-2769.

Last night began with a visit to Lisa’s. Corey telephoned and said Ally needed a golf ball for a school project. Golf balls I have!

Then I headed for the Yacht Club. Bobby Nesbitt is singing at the Club on Tuesday evenings.

Glad I went!

The place was packed! Nesbitt is a magnet. The only time there were more people was at the Christmas party for the kids.

I had a good time. Chatted with friends. Had a light snack at the bar. Looks like the Yacht Club and Bobby may become my regular Tuesday night stop.

Again, this morning golf. I will dress warm. Very warm. Hope some others show up to play. I feel like I have been staying in too much lately by day. I need the sun shinning on me, no matter how cold it might be. That assumes, of course, that the sun is out. We have had many a gray day recently.

Have fun today!

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