I am in the mood to pontificate. So, bear with me.

If the banks and insurance companies are too big to fail, then they should not be permitted to continue as they are. If they are too big to fail, they have become too big to exist. They have become in effect monopolies. Break them up! Much as Teddy Roosevelt did. Walk quietly, but carry a big stick.

Such will not happen, however. Congress would have to act. Congress lacks the balls.

Yesterday was one wild day!

I was driving down U.S. 1 when I realized I had a flat. Turned back home. I could not make it all the way. Pulled into the parking lot of the Community College on Stock Island.

I drive an Audi. The car came with emergency service. I telephoned the number. Help was on the way!

Took an hour for the help to arrive. The delay did not bother me. I walked around the campus. There was a flea market on campus. I visited the flea market.

The Audi sevice only changes the tire. Since yesterday was the beginning of a holiday weekend, I wanted to be sure to get the tire fixed as soon as possible. So it was over to Sears. I have done business with Sears before and have found them prompt and responsible.

Turns out the flat tire was flat because of a 2 inch cut on the face of the tire. Where the tire meets the road. It was not a slash. I was told I must have run over something and the tire was cut. I needed a new tire.

The new tire thing bothered me as my lease on the car is up in 2 months. But I did not believe I should drive around with out a spare. So it cost me $145 for a new tire.

I was told it would take a couple of hours to get and balance the new tire. I said I would be back.

I went for a manicure. That was my game plan as I drove down U.S. 1 before the flat.

Tammy was busy. Come back in an hour I was told. Ok.

I went to Lisa’s. No one home. However I had my own key

Turned on TV. Did I luck out! The Syracuse/West Virginia game was on! Syracuse was ranked #5 in the country and West Virginia #9.

It was the start of the second half. Syracuse was ahead by a point. The game was up and down. Syracuse was behind at one time by 5 or 6 points. Then ahead by 10.

There was 1.5 minutes left. Syracuse leading by 10 at that point. I had to leave for my manicure appoinment. I figured Syracuse had it in the bag. I was surprisd to learn later when I returned home that Syracuse only won by 1 point! Wow!

Lisa and family came home while I watching the game. The grandkids were all juiced up. They had been to a birthday party at Montessori.

I never got out last night. I started watching TV and the mood fell over me to stay in and watch TV from my bed.

One of the movies I got to view was an oldie. I love the oldies! It was the 1946 classic Easy to Wed. The movie starred Esther Williams and Van Johnson.

Today is Sunday. Love Sundays!

The weather report is good for the day. It will be warm. I will probably walk. Then stop at the Coffee House to read the Sunday papers. Visit Lisa and the grandkids. Stop at Don’s Place for a while. Tonight Kate Miano’s Gardens. Maybe Larry Smith at the Pier House afterwards.

A lovely day in the making!

Enjoy your day!

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