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The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

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Golf yesterday morning.

It was 60 degrees when we started. It stayed that way for the whole round. Never got any warmer. There was a strong wind from the northwest that affected ball flight and our bodies. The wind cut to the bone.

But play we did! The game was more important.

I was in a foursome with Don, Yankee Jack and Larry.

Whether it was the weather or what, I had a good day. I was the big winner! All of $5.

We have a custom. The big dollar winner buys drinks afterwards. The drinks cost $7. Ergo I was $2 in the hole after winning. I did not care! I rarely win! So I was happy to buy.

The cold was a chill that permeated my body. Afterwards I spent the balance of the afternoon in bed trying to warm up.

I stopped at the Yacht club on the way into town last night. My first stop of the evening was my last stop. I never left.

Dan the Club Manager told me he had just received a fresh loin of shark fish. Looked good, he said. So I stayed. Glad I did. The shark was absolutely delicious!

This Haiti situation is terrible. The world seems to be rapidly responding. Things are arriving and sitting on the ground at the airport. Hope they get the system set up to start moving the aid into the island.

Haiti cannot become another New Orleans. Obama and the United States is responding well. So is the rest of the world. We are all our brothers’ keepers.

Key West weather will continue on the cold side today. Presently 56 degrees. The high is projected at 67. The weather is scheduled to break tomorrow. High anticipated at 72. The weather will then continue for several days in the low 70s.

About time!

Lisa’s internet department store is having a post Christmas sale. Books about Key West continue to be a big seller. As well as key lime bunt cake and Key West Lou tee shirts. The CDs and jewelry are also starting to sell. The prices are good. Take a peek at Via Key West.

I have another doctor visit this morning. To get the results of the test I took Monday. I wish these things could all be done in one visit.

Enjoy your day! Listen to me babble on the Key West Lou Legal Hour at 1 pm!

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  1. Lou, I listened to your show today via the internet. I liked it and frankly think that taking any callers would likely detract from the content. It might be nice to have you interview selected guests, but random callers can drag a show down because it is likely what they have to say is not as interesting or intelligent as your analysis.

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