It happened!

Massachusetts elected a Republican to the U. S. Senate!

First time in 40 years!

A revolution is underway. An American one. Via the ballot box.

Obama’a election in retrospect was the beginning of that revolution. People were sick and tired of government as it was. Obama said he would change things.

We elected him.

Then came the governor races in Virginia and New Jersey. Democrats should have won. Especially in New Jersey. Instead, Republicans did.

Now the Senate race in Massachusetts. To fill Ted Kennedy’s seat. In a State that is solid Democratic.

The Deomocratic candidate lost. The Republican won.

The message: It cannot be business as usual any longer. A new day is upon us. The people will not silently sit by and be abused further.

Mr. President, wake up! Do that you were elected to do. Fix government!

Forget partisanship. It does not exist. Bull your way through. Do what must be done. Get the job done.

Take on the big guys. The banks and insurance companies. Take on political opponents, regardless of party. Fight! Straighten this country out!

Before it is too late!

I am back on the radio tomorrow with the Key West Lou Legal Hour. It is going to be one inteteresting show! From politics to the terrorist trials to No Name Key to the lobster trap case and more. Listen in! Watch! Call in! KONK 1680 AM radio. www.konkam on the internet. 305-294-2769 for call ins. 1 pm!

The day yesterday was pleasant. I babysat. Robert and Ally. Both sick. Fevers. Ally a bit higher than Robert. By the time Lisa returned from work in the afternoon, their fevers were gone. Not because of my expert sitting. Its just the way it was.

We had a good time. They were both up and around. We talked, played games and watched kids TV. I hate those shows! But when in Rome…..

A terrific dinner last night! I was invited to dinner by a friend. We decided on the Strip House!

I love the Strip House. The best steak in Key West. No comparison!

So what did I do? I ordered the Maine lobster!

I was not to be cheated, however. We shared. He had a strip steak.

And creamed spinach and fried onions.

What a meal!

My diet went out the window. That made two days in a row. I am in trouble. But last night at the Strip House, it was worth it! My mental justification was look at all the protein I consumed!

This morning golf. Early. Tee off is 8 am.

I am playing my first match in Don’s new golf league. Match play.

My opponent is a Don Pepe. I do not know him. He is an 18 handicap. I am a 32. That means I get 14 strokes. 7 a side.

I will still lose. Confidence is not mine on the golf course.

Don’s partner is Nate Jones. Jones played for a while on the pro circuit. He was my #1 in Don’s golf tournamant last year. Our team at the time constisted of Nate, David, Angus and me.

Jones can hit the ball longer and straighter that any person I have ever played golf with. I am glad I do not have to play him. Rob from bocci is my partner. He’s Rob’s headache.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The Mass election was just the start. Wait for the next one. Americans are tired of the condition of our country. An empty suit cannot accomplish anything. The voters spoke!

  2. The Democrat in Mass went into auto-pilot with her election bid. After fighting thru a primary, she and her handlers thought a win was a "slam dunk". Well…it was not! Obama won this State by 26 points and now the Dems get beat outright in their own nest. More to come Mr. President and Madam Speaker….

  3. Lou, your analysis of the election here in MA was spot on except(there's always an "except") for one point. The seat Scott Brown will now sit in belongs to all of us, not Ted Kennedy.

  4. I'm a happy camper today after yesterdays election,but, I said I don't discuss politics didn't I.. Where is the Strip House?? 10 years and I haven't heard of it..And here I always thought Micheal's had the best steaks..Patrick and JoAnn..

  5. "weak candidate"??. I heard Coakley's press secretary or campaign manager blame the president for her loss..Boy, that takes a pair of big brass ones to make a statement like that,, OH,, she doesn't have any though..Patrick and JoAnn

  6. I can't resist one more blatant example of main stream media bias. ABC news interviewed Obama about the loss in Massachusetts the day after the election.

    Obama blamed the loss on anger of the American people. He ended by saying "anger over the last 8 years" (blaming Bush again). ABC cut off that last part, whitewashing Obama's blame game.

    ABC is watched by many more people than the rest of the cable or internet news sources.

    If a person only watched ABCnews they would not know anything about Obama not taking responsibility for the loss but instead his blaming Bush for the Coakley loss.

    This is a perfect example of how the news is shaped by bias and why it's so important to be informed by multiple sources.

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