There was a lizard in my kitchen yesterday. I was not sure at the moment precisely what it was. However, no question it was a member of the lizard family.

I was working at the counter in the kitchen on tonight’s blog talk radio show. I happened to look up. There at the far end of the kitchen was this reptile of old sitting. I yelled hoping to scare him. I did. He scooted off as fast as he could.

I had seen him/her before. For a couple of months, in my garage. Running around. I was not concerned. Figured it was a good neighbor. Ate the bugs.

Somehow junior got in my kitchen. Probably the other day when I left the door connecting the house and garage open in order to bring in the groceries.

The garage was ok for the reptile. Not the house itself.

I opened the door to the deck and got a dust mop. The lizard was hiding behind a plastic garbage bag. In ten seconds, prodding him delicately, I had the lizard out the door and running like hell!

The body of the lizard was 6-8 inches. Plus, a curled tail of 4 inches. Light to dark green in collar. Sort of fat. The body was like a thick cigar. About 1.5-2 inches in diameter. The body smooth.

What was it? At first I thought a gecko. A member of the lizard family, also. Too large and the color too dark. Then I considered an iguana. A lizard, also. No way. None of those things sticking out of the head and body.

Keith and Jenn stopped over for a while. I told them about my lizard experience. Did they know what it was? No. However, an hour later Jenn e-mailed me and said a rock lizard. She gets the prize! I looked rock lizard up on the internet and there it was. There are many species of rock lizard. My visitor fit one of the pictures.

Can you imagine waking in the middle of the night with one of those things running across the bed covers?

I finalized my blog talk radio show for tonight in the morning. Half the show will be dedicated to unholy police activities in recent years. A discussion of beheadings. My thoughts on chasing IS into Syria.

Overall, an interesting and thought provocative show. Join me. You will enjoy. Nine in the evening my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Ray the pool man came over in the morning. Fixed the motor. No big deal. A joint blew out. Pool wall needs a little something to cover the seam opening. This will be done sometime in the next few days.

Lisa and the grandkids took me to dinner last night. Roostica. Robert and Ally did the pizza dough thing at the table. I helped to flatten the dough even more after they were done. Robert showed me how to do it. You make your hand into a fist and pound.

Three pizzas were ordered. Lisa wanted pizza also. The grandkids’ pizza was the same size as an adult one. I wanted baked ziti and wings. We had too much food!

I took the leftovers home. I could have a pizza party with what is in my refrigerator. I did. This morning. I had a cold slice for breakfast. First time in years. Delicious!

This is primary day in Key West. Those of you here be sure to vote. Primary races for Mayor, Judges, and School Board.

I have the second half of my physical today at 1. I get the test results from last week and the Doctor herself will do today’s prodding. My internist is Dr. Jackie Lefferts. I have a lot of respect for her ability. I remember the year she told me I had a heart condition. I told her she was crazy. She was correct. A year later, she told me I had a new and separate heart problem. Again I told her she was wrong. Again, she was correct.

I respect her judgment.

Enjoy your day!



I have never seen police cheered. Watertown last night was a first. Even during 9/11 there was not a similar reaction.

The only other time I can recall cheering in the streets similar to last night was in World War II.  On VE Day and VJ Day. My recollection is clear of people pouring out of their homes and cheering in the streets. Not for police, but for the event. The cheering was the same however.

I thought my back was getting better. Ergo, I did not take the pain pill last night that helps me sleep. I apparently needed it. I did not fall asleep till 4 this morning.

I am trying to get off the pain killers. It may not be time yet. I hurt this morning.

My back kept me in last night once more. Hopefully, I will be into Key West tonight. I think a couple of gins would help better than anything else. Another reason I am getting off the pain killers.

Key West weather continues to be perfect. Mid 80s by day. A clear sky. A slight breeze. And humid. Not bad yet. Need air conditioning, however. I am doing this blog at the kitchen counter with the doors to the deck and ocean open. It is 8:45. The temperature in my kitchen is 81 degrees. I fight air conditioning.

Today is Earth Day. Big doings in the Keys. Turtles getting a big play. Many children’s activities involving turtles. There are beach clean-ups planned and a mediation walk at Higgs Beach in addition.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour went well yesterday morning. I sat in pain. Did the show in pain. I do not know if it was obvious.

Viewers commented most about designer vaginas and tittoos. The last word is spelled correctly.

Yesterday’s show is being rerun by the television studio today at 4:30. If you missed it yesterday, you might want to watch it today. You will be able then to get the full flavor. The show is also being rerun sunday at 3 and wednesday at 6. Via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide. www.weyw19.com.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is now also You Tubed. The You Tube show runs one week behind. However, they are all there.

Whew! Glad I have finished. My back continues to bother me. I am off to bed.

Enjoy your day!