My eyes have never seen a better round of competitive golf. The final day of the British Open. Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson battling. Hole by hole. The match one stroke either way. The final three holes decided the event. Stenson won by three strokes.

Both made spectacular shots. Their putting outstanding. I have never seen better putting. Twenty to thirty feet like a one footer. Stenson sunk a 51 footer from off the green.

Viewing the round made for a very pleasant afternoon.

Last night, I started with Schooners. Bar only half full. Enjoyed a drink while watching the natives.

Then to Mark’s. The new hotel across the street. The Mark only has an out door bar. Poolside. A nice area. Packed with couples in the pool and on lounges.

I did not stay. There was no one over 30 years of age.

Walked across the street from Marks to the Waterfront Brewery. A good crowd. No room at the bar. I left.

It was across the street to Pepe’s. Been a year or two since I have eaten there. Sat at the bar. Chatted with the bartender. He used to work at the Chart Room one night a week. Chatted with two guys from Marathon who drove down for the day.

Enjoyed the barbecued chicken. Half a chicken. The meal to order when at Pepe’s.

The back of Pepe’s menu has an historical page. Pepe’s got its start in 1909. Then at 202 Duval. Pepe’s now on Caroline.

The page commented Truman used to stop at the Duval Pepe’s to have coffee and talk with the locals.

The page further made mention that the two popular songs in 1909 were By the Light of the Silvery Moon and Who’s Kissing Her Now. I could not understand how the songs were that old. I hum them on occasion to this day. Danced to both tunes in high school and college.

It was the movies! Both made during my school days. With big time stars. Doris Day in 1953 starred in By the Light of the Silvery Moon. Who’s Kissing Her Now starred June Haver in the 1947 movie. Many vocal artists in the 1950s and 1960s recorded the song. Ray Charles, Ernie Ford, Bobby Darin, Perry Como and Dean Martin.

Fantasy Fest came early this year. Last friday night. This morning’s Citizens’ Voice carries a comment by an individual who claims he saw topless body painted women at 5 in the afternoon on Duval.

William Hackley makes mention in his diary entry of this date in 1855 that Baby is well. God bless!

The Republican Convention begins today. A success or fiasco? Time will tell. Trump’s people indicate its nature will be showbiz.

Trump and Pence were interviewed last night on 60 Minutes. I saw excerpts this morning on TV. Trump looked like an ass and made Pence look equally erratic in the portions I saw.

More police officers killed by a black in Baton Rouge.

These black killings of police had to happen. They were inevitable. I warned two years ago they would come if the killings of blacks continued.

Never forget, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Violence begets violence. Blacks are saying…..Stop treading on us!

Security will be heavy at the Republican Convention. Likewise at the Democrat Convention. Police officers are coming from as far as California to assist. Who pays for all the security? You. The taxpayer. The federal government gives $50 million to each Convention for security purposes.

Rome burned this day in 64 AD. We are told Nero fiddled while Rome burned. He could not have fiddled. The fiddle did not exist at the time.

Enjoy your day!




  1. “Never forget, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Violence begets violence. Blacks are saying…..Stop treading on us!”

    Of course, the particular police officers murdered by the cowards were not the ones that have inflicted harm on black men, all of them were apparently good officers and family people. I would say that violence is never the answer but in fact actually increases any problem geometrically.

    ISIS uses the same justification to create terror as they say that you are killing us and our people so it is fair game to run you down with trucks and shoot you with guns (you use drones and fighter jets).

    Violence is a cycle that must be broken. No matter who perpetrates it violence is never an answer only more suffering for innocent people. It is also murder, no matter who commits it.

  2. Tradition first night in town was Pepe’s. The chicken is good, but, THE meal there is the steak smothered in pork chops.

    The Open was great and well fought between friends. Mickelson’s change in putting grip took him from over 100 a year or so ago to 2nd in putting stats.

    Considering all blacks have been given over the past 5 decades its time to see that hasn’t worked and its time for a change. Its time for the family structure and personal responsibility to make a come back. 13% of our population is responsible for 60% of violent crime. Single birth rate over 70% and school dropout rate around 50%. Its time for a change, liberalism/socialism has been a failure.
    The current admin in 7.5 years has done more to destroy any progress made over the previous 50 years. obama has divided this country more than ever.

  3. Black Lives Matter, not really. Blacks are killing/murdering black officers. Black officer lives do not matter.

    There is not always an equal and opposite reaction for an action. That only happens with physics. Come in with a big enough action to eliminate any chance of a reaction. This country has stopped fighting wars to win, that stopped in 1945. We can no longer sit around and empathize or sing Kumbya next to the camp fire with terrorists. The only way to stop them is to stop them, eliminate them.

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