Wednesday night I was at the bar at the Chart Room talking with Peter and Sean. We got into the flu shot. Peter was waiting for the new 65 plus one. The Vets and Walgreens were out of it. Sean said he had never taken the shot. I got mine two months ago

I proudly said I had been taking the shot for 15 years. Never got sick once! Prior to the shot, I would get the flu 2-3 times a winter. Flew a lot at the time. Since the shots began, nothing.

I talked too soon.

It hit me at noon yesterday and continued in full bloom till midnight. I am still uneasy. I have to do my TV/internet show this morning. Then I plan on returning home to bed.

I spent part of the morning yesterday finalizing today’s show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. That was all I did yesterday. I did not even go to bocce. Telephoned David and told him I was under the weather.

This week’s KONK Life article was titled Doolittle’s Raid. The United States’ first bombing of Tokyo early in World War II. One of the comments received was from a World War II veteran. He said he cried. I told him I cried too as I wrote it. The part where I related how all 16 planes crashed landed or the crew had to bail out over Japanese occupied territory, and how two were put against a wall and shot by the Japanese. The heaviest part of the story was that each crew member knew they were going on a dangerous mission and in the final analysis took off from the Hornet knowing they did not have enough fuel to reach friendly bases in China.

I get a thrill every time I think about my recently published book. The World Upside Down. The TV studio has begun running on the bottom of my show’s screen the title of the book.

The weather gets better every day. Temp in the high 70s. Wind has diminished significantly. Still a breeze, however. Cool and dry. No humidity. No need for air conditioning either day or night.

My Friday TV/internet show and tuesday blog talk radio show are You Tubed. Enter Key West Lou.

Not a very interesting blog. I did nothing, but be sick.

Enjoy your day! I plan on spending mine in bed after I do the TV show.

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