Good bye Erika and Hershel! Good friends! Great people!

Erika and Hershel came to Key West several years ago. Erika became Comptroller at the Key West Citizen. Hershel an engineer with Keys Electric and most recently has been working at Don’s Place. Both fun people!

They are leaving Key West. Sad. They are returning home to Indiana.

A going away party was held in their honor last night at Don’s Place. A huge crowd to bid them farewell.

Erika and Hershel were given many going away gifts. Stefanie was in charge of the gifts. Stefanie just returned from a month in Indiana where she and Don have a summer home. Indiana winters and Key West ones are not the same. She gave Hershel a long hand knitted scarf for the Indiana winters. She knitted the scarf herself. Erika got one even bigger. Store bought. Plus a series of other gifts. Most representing the winters they are going to face in Indiana. David and some others also gave gifts.

Erika and Hershel have been the best. Key West will be a little less because of their absence.

Earlier in the day, I spent several hours writing. I am back to Growing Up Italian. I have  departed Greece for a while.

Yesterday’s weather was deadly. Extremely hot and humid. I could not find yesterday’s numbers. However, Jimmy told me last night the temperature was up to 98 and the heat index 120. He should know. He was outside all day on a ladder painting a house.

Today will be cooler. The high projected at 89 and the heat index 97. Jimmy should be painting today!

I presently have three complaints about the new North Roosevelt Boulevard.

It was announced in yesterday’s paper that there will be a back up for cars coming down US 1 to Key West on Monday. Work will still be ongoing at the triangle. The back up is projected at 30 minutes. The article claimed it will back up cars to Key Haven. That is where I live. Means a 2.5 mile back up rarely moving.

With the old Boulevard, there never was a problem for cars coming down US 1 which would make a right onto the Boulevard. There was never a light. A sign several hundred feet before the turn saying in effect cars turning right keep going.

Now there are two lights controlling traffic going in the same direction. Sometimes they will be red. I have noticed the past several days that each time the lights are red, the backup on US 1 has gone beyond College Road to the mid point of the golf course. And this is not season with its increased traffic.

I have been told the lights are for pedestrians to cross. Pedestrians have crossed for years without any lights. I am aware of no accidents.

Finally, the driving lanes in both directions are marked for bicycle traffic. Death on wheels in the making! The worst place for bicycle traffic! No bike paths marked. The sidewalk along the water is huge enough to handle pedestrian and bike traffic as it has for years.

The Ferguson curfew did not work last night. Armored cars, tear gas, and some arrests after midnight.

Today it is Ferguson and race. I worry that tomorrow it will be several communities and the issue salary inequality.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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