Tuesday. Time once again for my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. This evening at 9. Join me.

Most of the show will involve Ferguson and the militarization of our police forces. I have been talking about the militarization problem for two years. I was beginning to think I was a voice in the wilderness. Now everyone is into it.

Specific topics will include how police officers killed more Americans than terrorists in 2011, the New Orleans police officer who turned off her body camera before shooting a man two times, the shoot first/question later attitude of most police departments, and how Ferguson is a preview of the future.

Late with the blog again today. I spent the morning at my doctor’s office getting my yearly physical.

Great dinner companions last night! Tom and Fran Dixon from Buffalo. Lovely people.

We had drinks before dinner with their daughter Frances and son in law Jeremy. Both 30ish.

I was introduced to another generation. Both have served in the military. Jeremy in Afghanistan. Frances as an expert in getting food supplies to people who need them.

They are out of the service now and live in Northampton, Massachusetts.

They volunteered to serve because of 9/11. I sat in wonder as I listened to Frances explain how she was so moved by 9/11 that she decided to enter the service as soon as she was out of college.

The two are representative of a new generation. They are givers. They seek to help. Not like the generation before them. The baby boomers who expected everything to be given to them with nothing owed in return.

I have a busy afternoon. Have to finalize tonight’s blog talk radio show.

Enjoy your day!


  1. “The baby boomers who expected everything to be given to them” ??
    Lou, you have now totally lost it. I will be sure to “unsubscribe” to your blog.
    How dare you say such a thing..

    • My friend…..Either you jest or fail to see what is. The boomer generation was the age of entitlement. Expected everything, wanted everything. No responsibility, no loyalty.

  2. Yes, Lou. I agree with Boudroux who commented above. It is the millenials not the boomers who expect it all for nothing in return.

  3. I agree with Boudroux and Diana. The baby boomers are the ones that screwed things up [ And I’m a boomer] and created the new entitled generation.
    I understand some of your statement and I think why you said it, but, there are takers and givers in every generation.

    • I personally believe that in every so-called “generation” there are givers, takers and a whole lot of do not give a sh*ts. With the way things are in this increasing nasty world, I find myself increasingly in the latter category. I still care, for things close to me I can deal with but I realize most of the carnage and craziness is beyond me. But, that knowledge does reflect poorly on our “institutions” of BIG Religion, BIG business and BIG government.

      I laugh at the people that take it all seriously and actually believe the BS emanating from religion, government, political parties, FOX and MSNBC. That is why in each election I always vote for a “none of the above” candidate who has no chance in our rigged system; it is a lot more fun then voting for the establishment cashed-in morons who, I will say, do profit personally rather mightily.

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