The morning after.

Perhaps blues is not the correct term. I am tired. I am a political junkie. Stayed up most of the night watching the election returns. It is an addiction.

No question, a Republican wave. No question, an Obama rejection.

From my perspective, the Republicans have been the bad guys the past several years. Now that they have control of both Houses, lets see what they can do. I am sure many bills will pass and be sent to the President. Hopefully, some will be so structured that he can sign them.

Progress is not impossible under the circumstances. Look what Clinton and a Republican House and Senate accomplished in Clinton’s last two years.

It was Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. Post show comment indicates that Syria’s hashish was a hit. I am considering joining it with Afghanistan’s opium for my column in next week’s KONK Life.

My yesterday otherwise quiet.

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “POST ELECTION BLUES

  1. “No question, a Republican wave. No question, an Obama rejection.”

    I agree with the Obama rejection but I believe most voters also reject Congress more, all of them. We just returned most of the same obstructionists because what choice do we really have out of 2 all the time? The two major parties have our election system totally locked down.

    I bet most people would vote for “None of the Above” if given the chance. My prediction now is for a long period of “political payback”, 250 votes and vetoes to repeal Obama Care, and 1001 hearings into everything Obama does including his golf game. How I long for a strong and real third party that would encompass a moderate, balanced and fair view of reality.

    Meanwhile, the nation will continue to sink. We’ll see.

  2. Obama will go down as the worst president in our history.
    end quote

    No argument here. Been saying that for 5 years. He has moved Wilson and Carter to the silver and bronze positions. He’ll take the gold.
    Wait for hillary though, that’ll then move Carter out to 4th. Folks really need to look into her background so we don’t end up getting stuck with another nit-wit. After-al, how does a liberal democrat get fired from the Watergate investigation. Wasn’t there enough there to not have to lie and cheat about. Sorry, I’m stepping off my soapbox now.

  3. I’ve just realized that everyone I can think of that hillary campaigned for lost. Thats a good thing, maybe folks are figuring this out.

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