I learn every day. Today about conch. The dish frequently ordered in Key west. Comes prepared in every fashion. Soup, fritters, etc. Key West is also known as the Conch Republic. Those born here are referred to as Conchs. And on and on.

This morning’s Key West Citizen ran a front page news story regarding conch. Turns out there is a federal prohibition regarding the harvesting of conch. Man overfished conch. The prohibition means that the conch served in our restaurants are not native to Florida keys waters. The conch is imported. From certain Caribbean islands and Latin American countries.

A lesson to be learned here. Do not abuse natural resources.

Tonight, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me.

Current topics discussed. Like the Catholicism of the Pope being questioned, one third of American children living in poverty, the 200 plus Nigerian girls stolen either married or dead, the Japanese celibacy syndrome, police not being able to return military equipment, and more.

I have been redecorating my bedroom. I like the way it is coming. Keith and Jennifer were over yesterday afternoon helping me move things around, hang paintings, etc.

I moved a desk into the bedroom. The room is huge. Needed a new desk chair. For two weeks, I have been admiring one at Office Max.

There are about 30 chairs in the back of the store. I sat in every chair. The only one that was comfortable was the one I liked. I returned to buy it yesterday. Where the chair sat was a space. The chair had been sold. They are no longer carrying the model.

This has happened to me in the past. I never learn.

Yesterday also included a business meeting and shopping at Publix.

I have begun buying organic foods. Strawberries, apples, and lettuce so far. The strawberries are what did it for me. The GMO ones are large and bright red. Tasteless, however. The organic ones puny. Discolored a bit. But taste like strawberries! Even smell like strawberries!

Election day. Today is the day. Be sure to vote. I will concede it is difficult this year. The candidates overall suck.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Man has been playing with and trying to change/improve foods and everything else since fire was invented. Its just our way. And, improved varieties have helped reduce hunger and feed the world.
    That said, I prefer [and grow] organic heirloom varieties.

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