Today’s blog late. Going to be limited. Extremely so.

No power to computer and TV all day. Frustration no end.

Started at 6 this morning. Both out. Thought it might be the bill. Paid via the telephone via a machine. No body at the other end.

Three hours later, still no power. Decided to go direct. Went to the Comcast office. Some rude woman told me nothing was wrong with my computer or TV. Her screen showed everything working. I went home. Knowing neither would be working. They were not.

I have been through three Comcast telephone technicians. I am tired. Exasperated.

I will not bore you with the details.

Jennifer is taking care of my home till Anna gets back from Poland. She came in a few minutes ago. Did you see the wire down from the pole in front of your house? I had not.

Looked out the window. From my house to the end of the block. Ends hanging down from poles. Rest of cable lying on ground next to road.

Last call to Comcast was to tell them it probably is their cable giving me the grief. Suggested the cable be fixed.

Each time I conversed, I thought I was talking with someone in East Calcutta. Probably was. Don’t uinderstand if she understood the downed wire had to be taken carfe of immediately. For Louis and for safety.

I called the Sheriff’s Department after finishing with Comcast person #3. I am confident someone will be here forthwith to fix the cable. And hopefully, make my computer and tv operable.

I am abkle to communicate with you via my computer because Jennifer is smarter than me. She has an app called Mobile Hot Spot. Turned her phone on next to my computer. She tells me if will give 24 hours power..

I am going to get the app.

My podcast show tonight. I am not ready. I will be winging it part of the time. Probably will end up the best show I have done.

Final note. When I complain about Comcast, I do so for all their  customers world wide.

Hope you enjoyed your day!



5 comments on “PURE FRUSTRATION

  1. I’ve learned with Comcast the one has to do everything themselves. I was recently told they couldn’t run a cable to the other side of the house. So I told them to leave and ran all new cables myself. I’m not sure they are competent enough to run a new line from road to the house. I feel Comcast is even worse than TWC.

  2. Comcast is known nationally for their hellatiously bad “customer service” (total oxymoronic statement with them).

    Thus is what we get when we let guvmnet sell out to a monopolist utility. After all, they are the only game in town so why should they care?.

  3. Louis,

    If you still have an iPhone, you already have personal hotspot on your phone. It’s not an app, it’s in your settings. Just turn it on.

    If you no longer have your iPhone but have an Android phone, it will have something similar, I’m not familiar with Android enough to advise but I’m sure other readers can tell you how.

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