There is a sign this morning on Fort Zachary Taylor Beach: CAUTION and the picture of a crocodile. the picture taken yesterday. Shows a five foot croc lying on a rock just of the beach.

A hammerhead shark was sighted also. Friday. Again, just off the beach at Fort Zachary Taylor. The shark described as large. The shark was engaged in a battle with a large tarpon. Standing nearby in the water, two tourists. They got the hell out!

We are told crocs are shy and docile. Not dangerous. I don’t buy it! May be true, yet would scare me if I saw one.

I had a shark experience 15 years ago. In the waters off the Casa Marina Beach. Big shark! Brown. I am sure the water magnified it. But it still had to be huge. What I saw was monstrous.

Later that evening I was having drinks with some friends at the Square One bar. All locals, some Conchs. Told them of my shark experience. How frightened I was. They all laughed at me. Told me the shark I saw was a sand shark. Yes, big. No problem, however. Their teeth are set way back. All I would have felt was the shark gumming a leg or arm.

Maybe the gumming would not have hurt me. Guaranteed the heart attack would have!

Some Key West natives are not concerned about the water inhabitants. They say the water and land first belonged to the crocs and sharks. People the interlopers. It is their homes we have invaded.

I wonder what they would say if attacked or bitten by one.

Tonight, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Part of yesterday spent preparing for the show. The topics interesting. Included are the political conventions, police killings, military gear for police, prostitution at the conventions, media coverage of protestors, Venezuela update, and more.

A fast moving half hour. Join me.

Watched the Democratic Convention on and off.

Stopped by Rich and Cindy Boettgers for drinks at 4. Good people. Cindy a beauty. Love her. Rich a genius. We talked politics and local problems. Not always agreeing.

Left them and headed to Aqua. Dueling bartenders time. David sitting at the bar. Enjoyed the singers and David.

Hungry. Not much, however. Headed to Roostica where I enjoyed an artichoke dip.

Then back home to watch more of the Democratic Convention. Loved Michelle Obama. One smart woman!

I wish Sanders would end it. He is reluctant to cut the umbilical cord. Take that final step. You would think he encouraged and supported the Revolutionary War.

He is taken with himself. Too much.

The Big Latch On saturday. I wrote about the event when it took place last year. Part of International World Breastfeeding Week. To encourage breast feeding and explain the value of it.

At a specified time, those meeting in Key West will breast feed their babies at the same time.

The police/black acts of brutality will continue till a resolution arrived at. Neither side should be proud. However, I continue to maintain that the police invited retaliation. Retaliation was inevitable.

Proof of the pudding that police are shooting/beating citizens improperly are in dollar pay outs. Figures released for Chicago. This year to date, the City of Chicago has paid out $18.6 million to resolve police brutality lawsuits. $500 million in the last 10 years.

Enjoy your day!






  1. Oh, foolish Louis – writes that Moochelle O is smart – IMO intelligence for the bad. Happy day for me and many others when we don’t have to see/hear her anymore. Goodbye, Moochelle. Hello, Mr Trump and what a great bunch of children he has. Great family. Great team.

  2. Loved Michelle Obama. One smart woman!
    end quote

    OMG. ‘All this for a damn flag’ michelle.

    the City of Chicago has paid out $18.6 million to resolve police brutality lawsuits. $500 million in the last 10 years.
    end quote

    You picked a great example. And just who has been in charge of that city for the past decades ?

  3. Diana, thanks for all you do empowering women. Moochelle? Really? I assume you buck norms and are more fit and better looking and willing to back that up with a photo of you wearing a sleeveless top and lifting your arms over your head. But I joke. You’re a racist and a shitty female.

    Louis, his name is Rick, not Rich. And I know how interested and vocal you are about local politics. What were your reflections from the Hometown PAC event that I’m sure you attended last night? Or shall we wait for your unattributed recitation of The Citizen’s reporting?

    • Anonymous, do you have a name? I don’t disagree with Diana. She’s right. Go back 8 years ago when MO declared how she was finally proud of this country. Now we listen to her and her husband lecture us for not agreeing that things are great. They have been great years for her, living like a queen, being waiting on hand and foot, traveling better than first class on lots of vacations, better security than anyone else has. Yes, it’s great for mochelle but not for anyone else. Keep your potty mouth of the page. Jerk.

    • criticism would have been saying I dislike Michelle Obama for the following quantitative reasons. A one-off insult based on physical attributes isn’t a criticism. It’s a poorly-articulated reflection of core attitudes. You never know, maybe the First Lady insulted Diana when they attended Princeton or Harvard Law. But since that’s absurdly unlikely, maybe it’s because her attitudes are in line with the racist vitriol her candidate of choice espouses. Which do you think is a more reasonable explanation?

  4. I thought Mrs obama’s speech was ridiculous. Just one small part was about the house she wakes up in every morning, it would be nice if she or her husband would stop spinning the facts. Some folks just gobble up anything they have to say.

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