Another school shooting. Yesterday, Parkland High School. Located in Broward County Florida. The 19th school shooting  this year in the United States. Today, only February 15. Means 19 school shootings in 46 days. Seventeen killed yesterday. More injured.

The blame lies primarily with the NRA and our elected politicians. The politicos are owned by the NRA.

Children die because politicians are interested in keeping their seats.


The extremist NRA lobbies. Elected officials are subservient to them because of the power and money the NRA has. Both of which could be used to defeat them if they dared to oppose the NRA.

Our elected representatives today reflect man at his worst. Money being more important than lives.

The past year saw politicians with a new line following a mass shooting. A line I would guarantee has to have been formulated by the NRA. When asked what the politician thought, what could be done, etc.,  the response always is not the time to talk about it.

If not immediately following a mass shooting, when?

Appreciate the amount of NRA money being spent on Congressional people alone. The New York Times set forth such information on October 4, 2017. I take from the article the top three US Senators who received the most in contributions from the NRA.

John Mc Cain #1. $7,700,000. Richard Burr #2. $6,900,000. Ray Blunt #3. $4,500,000.

The numbers say it all. The truth lies within them.

Big night yesterday. Actually started in the afternoon.

The Custom House first for the St. Valentine’s Day mass kiss-in. My date was Catherine. The kiss-in scheduled precisely for 6pm. One thousand expected. Five hundred couples kissing.

We got there at 4:30. The crowd still small. We knew we could not stay till 6 because of another event. We sat on the steps and chatted till 5:15.

Free rum beginning at 5. We did not get any. By 5, the line was long. The Spectrelles singing. Couples kissing when ever they wanted. The woman slung over on the man’s arm.

We left, but not without kissing. Our first. Immediately turned into 3 or 4. Led to more kissing later in the evening. Made me wonder why we had not done this on previous dates.

Then to the Sons and Daughters of Italy St. Valentine’s day dinner and meeting.

The dinner outstanding. Lasagna! Followed by a huge heart shaped chocolate cake covered deep in frosting.

I cheated. Only the third time since November 27. The night before, I craved cake. Any kind. I am on a low carb diet. The craving was satisfied last night. The lasagna an added bonus.

A night cap was in order. We were off to the Chart Room. John bartending.

Lovely Nikki cried out…..Key West Lou! We had never met before. Nikki is from Atlanta. Reads this blog every day. Thank you, Nikki!

Nikki and her husband Russ are from Atlanta. Vacationing. Have been doing so in Key West annually for many years. They were married on Smathers Beach in 2007.

Nikki is a paralegal. Husband Russ, a marina manager.

They were enjoying Key West with Atlanta friends Tatiana and Doug.

Permit an observation. Both Nikki and Tatiana extremely beautiful women.

I found Tatiana’s name different. Special. She explained she was Brazilian. Tatiana however not Brazilian. Tatiana was born sometime around the 1980 Winter Olympics. There was a Russian skater named Tatiana that impressed her mother. Ergo, the name Tatiana.

Tatiana is a nurse practitioner. Proud of her work and the responsibility that goes with it.

Doug into transportation logistics.

Four wonderful people! Hope I run into them again.

There is a new musical in Key West. Undying Love. Tickets hard to come by.

Described as an off beat musical. It is the story of Key West’s Count Carl von Cosel whose love Elena Milagro de Hoyos had died. He stole her body from her grave. Kept Elena with him for several years till discovered. In his bed. Preserved with wax.


Made into a musical, however. And from all I hear, a tremendous success.

The Battleship Maine blew up in Havana harbor this day in 1898. Two hundred sixty American sailors killed. Led to the Spanish American War.

Key West has two connections to the tragedy.

The first involves many of the sailors who died. They are interred in the Key West Cemetery. Duly honored every year.

The other is the location of the formal hearing to determine the cause of the explosion. The US Court of Naval Inquiry met at what is today’s Custom House. Then a newly constructed federal building.

The stock market crashed last week. I predicted it. Though not an economist, being 82 I have lived through several and could sense this one coming.

I am going to stick my neck out. The crash is not yet complete. There will be another this year, worse.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. When Obama was elected the AR15 was flying off the shelves and ammo sales were rationed because many believed he was going to ban them and/or confiscate their guns and ammo. Funny thing, now that the Trump is Pres, sales have plummeted and forced Remington Arms Co into bankruptcy. They are probably hoping some senator will call for banning the AR again.

  2. Suck a dick you illiterate cunt. Oh, what a surprise, there’s something like this and all the deranged fuckwits like you are using it for politics.

    Just fucking stroke out already.

  3. Weapons are getting into the hands of the wrong people. Most of the shootings in recent memory the shooters were on some form of psychiatric medications and that info is not getting to the proper people. In the last Florida incident the FBI was informed and either missed or dismissed it. I’m inclined to believe the latter. This problem is deeper than just the weapon itself.

    • why all the talk about the fbi? why aren’t we asking why the local police had not done something. why aren’t we asking why the state police hadn’t done something about this? all this talk about more local controls and less goofermernt until something happens and then it’s always the goofernment that’s at falt. where were the parents on this? why aren’t we talking about that?

  4. anonomos on February 18, 2018 at 10:36 am said:
    why all the talk about the fbi? why aren’t we asking why the local police had not done something. why aren’t we asking why the state police hadn’t done something about this? all this talk about more local controls and less goofermernt until something happens and then it’s always the goofernment that’s at falt. where were the parents on this? why aren’t we talking about that?
    end quote

    Just mentioned the FBI because that is what was reported, the point being that they knew. But, as mentioned, the problem is far deeper than the weapon. You are right, it starts with family, doctors, schools, agencies not communicating among themselves, etc. The problem is not simple.

    • ok, they knew, so what could they do, tell his mommy, put a car out front of his house and follow him around until he did something they could actually put him away for?

      russia is safer, australia is safer and a lot of other places too. why is it only we have such a problem? right now the only safe place from this sort of thing is being on an airplane. maybe we should temporarily outlaw all guns until we fix the “not so simple problem” rather than watch our children die while we don’t bother to fix our “not simple problem”

      we all know what the real problem is.

  5. I wish I knew what the real problem, so enlighten us.

    It sure isn’t banning guns. That doesn’t work, hasn’t worked. Can’t get all of them off the streets. Other sources need to be looked at.

    • realistically speaking, we can probably come closer to solving the problem by banning guns, than we can to fixing any other thing having to do with this problem. We can’t ban mental health, bad behavior, cultural issues, etc., etc., etc. australia, as one example has reduced their problem to a really manageable level. We can’t ban (eliminate) the ebola virus either, but when one person died from that problem, we banned travel and quarantined every possibility for any spread, rather than saying “we can’t win.” the last case of gun violence killed 17 and We did nothing, because too many people have talked themselves in to thinking that doing something won’t work.

      • Doing something can/may work and something realistic needs to be done. Leaving it solely up to our politicians is surely not the answer. Banning the guns is not the answer either, getting them off the streets is impossible. Managing mental health and having agencies talk to each other so laws can be enforced along with proper background checks will go farther than making more useless laws.
        As said before, I don’t have any issues with licensing/registering certain guns as long as the checking process is proper and maintained.
        As most things in life, it all starts at home.

  6. Louis,

    You wrote that Terri broke her shoulder and that Donna had a cancer scare???

    Did you have that turned around? I thought Donna broke her shoulder…and I know that Terri has cancer.

    Was it just an error in typing?

  7. Anonymous on February 19, 2018 at 12:37 pm said:
    What? only your opinion matters? mmmmmmm
    end quote

    No, it doesn’t and It was stated in no uncertain terms. As stated, its OK. I thought that was clear.

    • You are a liar and in plain site. Yes you said “Hmm, OK.” but then added “Everyone usually has an opinion on about everything.” then followed immediately by “But, they don’t matter I guess.”

      So, you think only YOU matter?

      Boy, I can see why nobody likes you and ends up always arguing with you. You can’t have a simple discussion without demanding you have things your way and then you lie about what you said when it’s plain and simple and in print for everyone to see.

  8. it doesn’t really matter what YOU don’t have any issues with.
    end quote

    That is what the responses were to. It is to what you said ! I was trying to have a decent discussion until you changed that. Your reading comprehension is as poor as some others here. Since YOU said it didn’t matter what my opinions/issues are you put this into another category. I can have a discussion with most people as long as exchanges stay civil.

    “But, they don’t matter I guess.”
    end quote
    That refers to the above quote from you. It obviously doesn’t mean anything to you what others think. Thats all this is about, simple. No lies involved, just you not understanding what you read or typed. Simple.

    So, no, I’m not the only one that matters. But I’m not about to listen to you any longer when you make such a statement about my issues/opinions not mattering.

    • Sheesh Comrade Patric – you twist and shout more than Chubby Checker, in a totally lame attempt to wiggle out of what you actually said. Seems to me you protest WAAAAAAY to much!

      All about other people’s reading comprehension? No, I don’t think so, it’s you!

  9. I happen to know what I’ve said. It takes at least 3 functioning brain cells for you two to understand it as well.

    I’m only trying to be polite and explain, but, its an exercise in futility. So, I’ll stop.

    • Patric – Apparently you do NOT then care to reread what you have written, before you profess to know what you’ve said. Because you wrote that “But, they don’t matter I guess.” in response to YOUR OWN predicate “Everyone usually has an opinion on about everything.” Self comprehension starts at home and arrogance is unbecoming.

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