Cheerios is my breakfast cereal of choice. Primarily because it purportedly reduces cholesterol.

Cheerios is the breakfast of choice of mothers to feed their babies once the baby is capable of mushing them.

All America considers Cheerios safe and healthy!

I was shocked yesterday to read that General Mills announced it would no longer make Cheerios with genetically modified ingredients. Wow! Who knew?

General Mills said it was not because anything was wrong with genetically modified products. Rather, it was the growing number of people opposed to the use of genetically modified ingredients that compelled their decision.

Good for General Mills!

I have been speaking out in opposition to genetically modified seeds for several months. As recently as yesterday morning on my TV/internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I mentioned the two world wide demonstrations that took place in 2013 protesting their use.

Last night was a biggie!

I had dinner with Jenna. An  interesting young lady. I enjoy being with her. This 78 year old man with a 27 year old lovely.

We had dinner at Square One. It has become a favorite of mine once again. Together with Hot Tin Roof. Carmelo and Carolyn have done a wonderful remodeling job and are serving the finest meals. The kind to die for.

Jenna and I had a drink at the bar first. Wanted to say hello to Patrick. Bartender Patrick has been a friend for well over 15 years. He is daughter Lisa’s best friend. My grandkids love him.

Jenna introduced me to Clay and Laurel at the bar. Nice people. Clay is involved somehow with the BP lawsuits. Interesting work.

Our dinner was long. We had much to talk about.

After dropping Jenna off, I stopped at Don’s Place. Glad I did. Don, David, Toni, Grant, and Jeff were there. I joined David in watching the Ohio State bowl game. David is a die hard Ohio State fan.

Don introduced me to a couple. Emma and Trevor. From London. Emma is a television producer.  Trevor a vice president with Bank of New York. They are in Key west for three days. Appear to be doing a South Florida trip. Miami, Coconut Grove, South  Beach and Key West. They are staying at a guest house near Don’s Place.

I would like to run into them one more time before they leave. They were interesting and interested.

My book has been out a little less than a month. The World Upside Down. My housekeeper Anna bought several copies to give as Christmas presents. She gave one to Nancy Robinson. Nancy is one of the dames of Key West. A lovely person inside and out. If you think I keep busy at 78, you should meet Nancy. She has to be in her mid to late 80s. She goes, goes, goes. Her daughter Martha lives in Key West, also. Martha is an eager beaver in whatever she does. I can see where she got her drive from.

The World Upside Down is available for purchase on and

Syracuse basketball this afternoon at 2. Against Miami. Syracuse’s first ACC game. I suspect Syracuse will win. The Vegas line is 19.5 points. I hope to watch the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. ‘Cuse basketball looking good, Louis! Georgetown destroyed St. Johns today, amazing how bad the Redmen are. The Orange could have a big March in front of them, it will be fun to watch. Enjoy!

    • Every time I think we have a great team, it blows up in my face. Almost yesterday. I suffered during the Miami game big time. The Villanova victory made me a believer.

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