The Riordans have returned!

Dan and Lisa Riordan hail from Skaneateles, New York. They own a restaurant there. The Blue Water Grill. Normally, they rent a house for one month. This year, two! Good for them! Eventually they will buy. The pattern is the same for all of us.

Two daughters and a boy friend are with them for a few days.

I will be blessed for the next two months with Dan and Lisa watching the Syracuse games with me. Voracious fans!

One of their daughters works for the U.S. Treasury in Syracuse. She works with Michael Timpano. A name I have not heard in years. Michael grew up with my son. The best of friends back then. I knew Michael’s parents well. My contemporaries. I hope they are alive and well. Timpano was and still is a well respected name in the Utica area.

Dan and Lisa arrived in Key West Friday. They had to stock up on groceries. Went to Publix. They were shocked at the cost of food in Key West. Much higher than in upstate New York. The high price of groceries in Key West is an item of frequent discussion  amongst those who live here. A rip off!

I watched the Syracuse/Miami game with the Riordans and guest yesterday. A heart wrenching game. Nothing but pain.

Syracuse won 49-44. A football score. An ugly game. We were 20 point favorites going in. I hope this is not that type season.

What irritates me is that whenever I become a believer that this year’s Syracuse team is a great one, something screws up. Villanova made me a believer this year. Miami now makes me question my judgment. We shall see.

It was hard to believe yesterday’s weather. Rain! Rain! And then more rain! It never stopped. The type of rain that accompanies a hurricane or tropical storm. Monsoon type. Blew sideways on occasion.

I drove home from the Sports Pub immediately after the game at 4. I was fearful of flooding roads that might prevent me from making it. The streets were horrible! Water everywhere! The boulevard was especially dangerous. Because of the construction, the highway was flooded more than normal. You had to drive slow. I was concerned my car would flood.

It took me 35 minutes to get home. Normally, a 15 minute trip.

I heard from a friend in Greece this morning. Come buy an apartment he told me. Condominiums in central Athens that previously sold for several hundred euros a piece are now on the market for 14,000 euros. About $21,000 American money. A steal!

I continue to believe violence will occur in Greece. The unemployed figure continues to rise. Supermarkets are closing because people do not have the money to buy food. A bad situation.

What a difference as day makes! It is Sunday. The sun is shining. There is nary a cloud in the sky. Anticipated high today 80 degrees. However, rain is projected for this afternoon and evening.

Enjoy your day!


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