It is cold this morning  in Key West! 67 degrees. A 13 degree drop from yesterday. Wind gusts 30 mph. It will get no warmer today.

I know you are laughing if you are from anywhere in the northeast. Boston and the Cape are buried in a couple of feet of snow. Temperature in the minus. My hometown Utica is -7 degrees this morning.

I received an e mail from a reader in Sydney, Australia. They are enjoying the warmest summer ever.

When ever it is extremely cold up north, we feel it here in Key West. The wind outside my house is blowing in cold and big time from the northwest.

Long pants and a jacket today.

Yesterday morning was busy with a haircut and manicure. Spent a good part of the afternoon and early evening finalizing this morning’s TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten my time. On TV in southeast Florida on channels Comcast 87 and U-Verse 19. Worldwide on the internet.

More anal cavity searches. Disgusting. Thoughts whether we are heading for a police state. Whether the government is protecting JP Morgan Chase from investigation. And more.

Poor Alabama. Got their asses whipped last night. Congrats to Oklahoma. It is difficult to be #1 every year.

My condolences to Jean and Joe Thornton and to David. You win some, lose some.

Enjoy your day!

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