Sometimes an event occurs which outshines all others which happened on the same day. An event which causes all others to fade in comparison.

Such occurred yesterday. Not the Syracuse/Duke game standing alone. Nor Syracuse’s defeat 66-60. It was Jim Boeheim going berserk with ten seconds to go in challenging a ref’s call.

I know Boeheim. I have watched him coach more than 30 years. I have played golf with him. We have had dinner together. He is not the expressive person we saw running around last night on the court. His conduct will be remembered for years to come.

I thought the referee’s call was a bum one. I have watched the video of it at least a dozen times. The defender was moving. Fair was already in motion. What was done was done, however. There was no way to rectify the call.

I am glad Boeheim blew up. Shows us the man does feel. He is not the ice cold coach many perceive him to be.

This whole situation is probably good for Syracuse. Syracuse lost two this week. The pressure of when are we going to lose is off Syracuse’s back. The team can go out and enjoy!

The thought has occurred to me since last night how terrific it would be if Syracuse and Duke could meet in the Final Four championship game. It would be a game of games!

Enjoy your Sunday!


4 comments on “GO BOEHEIM!

  1. You know, Lou, Duke always gets the call whenever they play at home. I agree with you, it was a crap call. For some reason, Duke has the reputation for taking charges (which are bogus anyway), and it doesn’t matter if contact is even made, the Duke guy goes down like he’s been shot.

    This flopping is bad for the game. I’m hoping the NCAA does the right thing and just gets rid of this infraction. It’s just too subjective and then throw in the fact Duke gets these calls numerous times per game and it turns into a joke.

    If I were Boeheim, I would have flipped earlier than that!! 🙂

    Championships aren’t won in February!

  2. The game was also on at Jack Flats. The same was called twice. Boeheim was his usual self at the first, but, the second was apparently too much even for him. I say, good for him.

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