Yesterday morning found Duval and Mallory Square quiet. The powerboat races were over. The participants had left town.

Things changed by late afternoon. Key Westers and tourists joined to celebrate Veterans Day. The curbs were crowded the whole length of the parade.

I was correct when I suggested earlier yesterday that small town parades were the best. Yesterday afternoon’s parade did not make a liar out of me.

Participating were the coast Guard, a Navy contingent, policemen on horses, high school students including cheerleaders and band, and two special cars carrying World War II veterans. The World War II veterans received loud cheers.

There were floats. Candy was thrown from the floats to children. The kids were running out to pick the candy up from where it landed on the street.

A special touch was the handing out to viewers of small American flags. Proudly waived during the parade by young and old alike.

I was watching the grandchildren earlier in the day. We walked around Mallory Square. Ended up at the Ocean Key House for lunch. Outside on the dock. Ally wanted an aqua colored table. Robert wanted one with an umbrella. Both requests were accommodated.

It was a first time visit for Robert and Ally. They enjoyed the whole scene, especially the boats. We were seated by the rail with the ocean immediately below us.

I never know what we are going to talk about. I let the grandkids take the lead. Robert got into evolution. Nine years old! He explained we were descendants of monkeys, baboons, and apes.

I asked…..What about Adam and Eve? I was shocked. Neither had ever heard of Adam and Eve. I got into God created the world, then Adam, and finally Eve. A first for them.

Tuesday again. Blog talk radio time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. This evening at 9.

I wait till the day of the show to decide content. Things move so fast in today’s world that many times yesterday’s news is old hat.

I suspect I will be discussing whether Hilary Clinton’s time has passed for the Presidency. My concern is she represents a different generation. Perhaps we need a person closer to today’s problems. I have some things to say about General Motors which you will find interesting. Egypt and democracy is another topic.

Join me. The show is only a half hour. A fast moving half hour.

Enjoy your day!


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