Today’s Key West Citizen makes mention in its Key West History section that plane fares Key West/Miami 50 years ago were $8 one way and $15 round trip. Those were the days! Today one is looking at something in the low $200 to has high as something in the $600 range.

In the 1970s, I had a condo at the Jockey Club in Miami. My Shangrila at the time. I spent at least one long weekend a month there. The airfare Syracuse/Miami round trip was $80 tourist and $100 first class. First class included a small tablecloth and cloth napkin, steaming prime rib sliced at your seat, all flavors of ice cream, etc. Again, those were the days!

I spent several hours yesterday writing this week’s KONK Life column. Mob Rule. It publishes wednesday evening. The article took much longer to compose than I had expected. The subject matter has its twists and turns. My view of things definitely controversial. I wrote what I did because I thought it had to be said.

Last night was a fun night. I did nothing but sit and sip with friends at two of my favorite Key West places.

First was Don’s Place.

Jimmy and Joanie have become parents! They adopted a dog. Four years old. His owner wanted to get rid of him. The dog has social/mental problems. He was left alone 20 hours at a time. Jimmy and Joanie had him at the bar and intend to take him to work. They will make great dog parents.

The dog sat quietly the whole time I was there. Neither a peep nor a move.

Lori is a physical therapist. I engaged her in talk re my shoulder. She was helpful. Yanked my shoulder and back around a bit in evaluating me.

Chatted with John.

Frankie was at the bar when I walked in. A king at bocce and Lisa’s neighbor. Their backyards adjoin. I like Frankie and his wife Sandy. Two great people!

Then the Chart Room. A very enjoyable time.

David was holding court at the end of the bar. I had not seen him in a while. We sat together for about two hours and chatted with each other and everyone else.

David is gay. Two lovely young ladies in black cocktail dresses walked by. Tanned, long blond hair. David told me they were ladies of the night. In from Miami for a job. I thought he was kidding at first. They kept walking around. We continued to observe them. David was hooked on the working girl thing. I finally asked how he knew. He had talked with them earlier on the street.

I am the type who could not get laid in a whore house, as the saying goes. David who has no interest in such ladies has no difficulty in engaging them in conversation.

Sheila came in. A kiss and hug. Love her!

Emily bartending and keeping up with our conversation.

Met an interesting couple from the Washington, DC area. Actually, they live in Arlington, Virginia. Shawn and Michele. One L. Shawn is a senior VP for a footwear company. Michele works in the retail field.

We buried them in places to go. Dinner, drinking, and dancing. Shawn was entering the info in his computer as fast as his fingers could move.

It is amazing. I have lived in Key West for years. Think I know everyone. Not the case. Two lovely ladies came into the Chart Room. Both locals. For many years. One is Christy. She is a massage therapist. I am embarrassed to say I cannot recall her friend’s name. I thought the friend unusually attractive. A senior with all white hair. Loved the white hair!

Two days ago, I chastised the Key West Citizen for failing to make mention of 9/11. The day was September 11, 13 years later. The topic is and will always be major in our history.

Yesterday, the Citizen made mention three times. Photos and reporting re memorial services at Mallory Square, the new Fire House on Grinnell, and the 9/11 campus in New York City. Great. However an historical rendition at the very least should have been a major front page article on September 9 itself.

Syracuse football today. Syracuse plays Central Michigan at Central Michigan at noon. I will be watching the game at John Lucas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

Enjoy your day!




Ho, ho, ho! The good guys won last night. We beat the opposing team 2-1. Wowie!

Everything has to be read in perspective. Our team is named Don’s Place. The other team, Not Don’s Place. Larry Smith humor. He captains Not Don’s Place.

The game was a money one. The inner competition five teams have.

Larry’s team came into the contest last night with a commendable record. 11-1. We, a modest 6-6. We killed them in the first game. Won a close second game. Lost the third. Who cared by the third game!

It was a difficult fun filled night. A lot of yelling and challenging back and forth. I mean yelling! Especially Larry who wants to make sure he is heard.

We all made our contributions to the victory. However, there was a star on our team. A person who excelled. Stan! Stan made a closing shot in the second game that gave us three points and the win. An impossible shot!

John from JDL came over to say hello. One of the nicest guys in town. I told him to save me a seat saturday at noon. I would be over to watch the Syracuse/E.Michigan game.

Started physiotherapy for the right shoulder yesterday morning. The torn rotator cuff problem. My therapist is Debbie. Welcome her to the blog.

Then to see Tammy for a manicure. I always feel better after I chat with her. She has a soothing disposition.

There was a pregnant woman enjoying a pedicure. Seven months. A girl. I felt sorry for the baby. Mom had the vibrator on and her body was rapidly bumping back and forth. The child in womb was reseiving a hell of a ride!  The baby had to wonder what mom was up to!

My column for next week’s KONK Life is researched. I will write it this morning after I finish this blog. It is titled Mob Rule. Interesting. It is my thoughts re where society in general is taking us these days. The article cannot help but be controversial. Not intended. I doubt many will agree with my observations.

Turtles. Back in the news.

First, the study I mentioned the other day will be difficult to interpose. It suggested kill off a portion of the turtle population world wide to save the seagrass. I discovered this morning that turtles are a federally listed endangered species. Good! The message is stay away from our turtles!

The other item concerns another turtle found in dire straits in the waters off Key West.  The turtle was entangled in a fishing line. It also had wrapped around its front right flipper a rope from a lobster trap. The rope was still attached to the trap. The turtle had been carrying the trap about. The flipper was almost completely severed. The turtle was taken to the Marathon Turtle hospital. Lets hope they can perform wonders. They usually do.

It rained big time yesterday afternoon and through out the night. The sky is black outside at the moment. No question, a rainy day ahead all day.

There was a question whether we would be able to play bocce last night. Obviously, we did. Between storms. The new courts are clay and the water was quickly absorbed. They were a wee bit slow when we started and soon were up to speed.

Enjoy your day!