A minor cold spell is upon us this morning. It is 68 degrees. The high will only be 73. Tomorrow a return to the low 80s, however.

The previous paragraph was written with tongue in cheek. The snow storm up north is horrendous. My home town of Utica is buried in a foot of snow.

I remember the snow and storms. It was never fun. I always hated it. Tthought there had to be a better way. Found it. Key West.

Yesterday was a real quiet one for me. I spent most of the day down.

Since Christmas eve, every time I got up I felt light headed. Like I was going to pass out. My stomach not feeling right, also. Continued through yesterday. So I stayed in bed.

I seem ok this morning. I suspect with my weight change that I may need an adjustment in the blood pressure medicine.

Since I was in bed, I missed Les Miserables again. Perhaps this evening.

Tomorrow, the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Worldwide on the internet at www.tvchannel.19.

Join me. Another good show.

Besides the subjects already reported, I shall be discussing the fiscal cliff, the need for term limits, Bone Island, God’s gender in dispute, the Pledge of Allegiance, Ben Franklin and Poor Richard’s Almanac, the 38th parallel, and Tennessee Williams’ Night of the Iguana.

Quite a mixed bag.

Enjoy your day!




Key West was not always called Key West.  Back in days of old, the island was known as Cayo Hueso. Translated, Bone Island.

Why Bone Island? There were many bones on the island. Human bones. The interesting story involves the source of the bones.

One theory is that the island was once the scene of a Native American battlefield. An Indian war.

Another is that it was a burial island.

The third is that the southern keys were inhabited with cannibals. When the meal had been captured, he/she was taken to what is now Key West for cooking and dining. The bones were all that was left following the feast. There was no clean up. The bones remained.

The most popular scenario is the cannibal one. Locals tell the story as such. I have never heard the first two, except from history books.

To be a Conch is the biggest of honors in Key West. Today, a Conch is a native born Key Wester. Only native born can claim the title. A person can live in Key West for fifty years and still not qualify for Conch status.

Conchhood is a matter of great pride.

The first Conchs were immigrants from the Bahamas. White in color. They initially were of European ancestry, settled for a period in the Bahamas, and then found their way to Key West. Many many years ago.

Typical Sunday yesterday. Quiet. Especially quiet because of my diet. No drinking or excessive eating. Some exercise. Things I find I do alone.

Walked Smathers. At mid day, there were few walking the beach. I think because of the sun.

Afterwards, I went to Sears. I noted in the newspaper that Sears was having a big sale. I was interested in upgrading my Key West attire for my soon to be new body. New tee shirts and shorts. I was not impressed and purchased nothing.

Then to Publix. Just a few things required. Diet foods.

Last night was the final showing of Boardwalk Empire.  I thought it was going to be the end of the series. It was not. It picks up with a new year in January.

The show failed to impress me. Actually confusing. Too many minor plots apparently had to be concluded with the final show. It was too much in too little time. At least for me. Made for a disappointing show.

Enjoy your day!