I dined with a charming lady last night. Stephanie Kaple. A dedicated worker for the homeless. A lover of women’s shoes for which she is known as the Key West Shoe Lady. Everyone is Key West something in this town

We had dinner at the Marriott Beachside’s Tavern ‘N Town. Great atmosphere and good food. Add Stephanie to the mix and I had it made!

Steady easy going conversation prevailed throughout the meal. Stephanie enjoyed wine and snapper. Louis, two diet Pepsi’s and a decaf coffee. The bill was cheap.

Tavern ‘N Town has become a favorite spot for locals. One of the owners Robert Spottswood was there. We talked for a few minutes.

Another quiet day.

I walked Smathers Beach late in the morning. Mid afternoon it was the doctor. He cut/burned out whatever on my back. Hurt only a bit. Visited Lisa. Ally out. Spoke with Robert. He is excited about Santa Claus tonight at the Yacht Club and the swim meet Saturday.

Tomorrow the Key West Lou Legal Hour. An interesting and informative show has been prepared. Watch, if you can.

The show airs on TV from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. The show is also available world wide via the internet.

Ten in the morning my time.

Topics for tomorrow include Pearl Harbor, Dick Army, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane, Egypt, Sgt. Matt Brukbacher, Citigroup, the banning of cellphones for women, TV cameras, kinky sex accepted at Harvard, lobster cannibalism, eye operated smartphones and tablets, the barefoot man not homeless, and more.

A fast moving enjoyable hour.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou,
    Ref the 787: This airplane made it possible for Boston Logan Airport to finally offer non stop flights between Boston and Asia. As far as I know Japan Air is the only airline at the moment.
    Apparently the plane, because it is made from a composite material is light enough to take off from. Logans shorter runways while fully loaded with passengers and fuel.

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