I am into pain big time! The rib I did something to Tuesday. Pain yesterday afternoon horrible! Ended up seeing the doctor and taking x-rays. I do not know the results yet. My doctor furious with me.

The pain has been joined by a large bruise.

Painkillers and a gin last night. I was feeling no pain afterwards. Plus, a heating pad. My doctor seems more concerned about me developing pneumonia in a week. Breathe deep, she told me several times. When we have pain in the chest, we tend to take small breaths. Deep  breaths  cause pain. Breath, she exclaimed! Every few minutes, I remember and take several deep breaths.

This getting old is a pain!

I cancelled all gym activity till after January 1. Then we shall see.

I did stop in at the gym in the morning. Merely to get my metabolic results. I need something. I was in the bad in all classifications.

A tragedy in London. The falling of the Apollo theatre’s ceiling. Some five stories. On a full house!

Eight years ago I was in London for a week. A great city! Most of the theaters are in the Piccadilly Square area. Apollo was just outside the Piccadilly. I saw three shows. None was at Apollo. What I do recall specifically was a pub near Apollo. Pubs are popular in London. I visited this one several times. It was my favorite. Got into warm beer. Not bad. Different from our beers which cannot be drunk warm.

Already finished my TV/internet show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Fun!

I am off to see Tammy for a manicure and pedicure. Want to look my best for the holidays.

Enjoy your day!

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