There is no joy in Mudville…..Mighty Casey has struck out!

So it was with bocce last night.

Let me put it in perspective.

It was a money game. The championship game in effect of the 5 team mini league we have within the big bocce league. We were tied for first place with the team we played. Whoever won 2 out of 3 games, won it all!

It wasn’t us. We lost all three.

That is not what made it bad. Defeat is easy to handle. It was how we lost in the first game that bothered us. We were winning 13-3. We lost 16-15.

Says it all!

Momentum, the tempo, was set. We lost the next two also. Though with dignity.

My day started yesterday with a Lori visit. Needed a haircut and beard trim. Then to the Plantation Coffee House. Said hello to Diane and read the newspapers.

The afternoon was non eventful. Stayed home researching and writing. However, did it outside under the shade of the tiki hut. Every now and then, I would dunk myself in the pool to cool off. Sometimes laid out a but till the sun dried me off.

It is Friday. The weekend is here. I have nothing planned. Such a weekend normally turns out to be pretty good. We shall see.

No TV/internet show this morning. I have been replaced for a live showing of the power boat races. I return next Friday.

Enjoy your day!

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