The frustrations involved with modern machinery.

WordPress is important to everrything I do involving Key West Lou. Without WordPress, there is no Key West Lou.

Such it was yesterday. WordPress was not resdpondiong correctly. Actually, not responding to me at all. Sloan finally got it worked out with them. Thank you Lord for Sloan!

Since I was not able to do the blog yesterday, I am doing a double header today. Enjoy.

My blog talk radio show wet well Tuesday evening. I hit poverty big. I also used a new headset and microphone. I was looking for better clarity. Apparently, I got it. I heard from about a dozen people that my voice came through loud and clear. Three of those commenting were listening from as far away as Novara, Italy, Calitzdorp, South Africa, and Jakarta, Indonesia.

I had a luncheon appointment at Salute’s tuesday. I was stood up. It was an established author. I ate alone. I told the author afterwards that I would not be buying his next book. He apologized. He had forgotten. The funny part is he had done the inviting, not me.

Though alone, lunch at Salute’s was pleasant. Ate outside. Terrific views of the beach and water.

Election results. Without question, the results showed an unhappiness with the Tea Party. On the other hand, I view it merely as an indication. Next year’s Congressional elections are a long way off. Much could happen in one year to demonize the President and return the Tea Party to its more favorable position.

The Tea Party bothers me. One reason is that the losers tuesday were still hard assed. No humility. They were going to go on and fight even harder.

I am waiting for the publisher to let me know the publication date of The World Upside Down. My first book. I feel like a woman waiting to give birth to her first child.

It has been difficult, at least for me, to get the You Tube thing straightened out. Notice, I have not mentioned You Tube in a week. There are new instructions. Hopefully the last.

Both for the TV/internet show and the blog talk radio show, go to You Tube and enter key west lou. That’s all. I have decided to join both shows together on You Tube. To separate them would be a mess. It meant that key west lou could only be used to gain entry to one. Needed another name considerably different from key west lou for the other show.

To the computer geniuses who read me: Help me. How do I get the most recent shows to appear at the top or first in the listing of shows. Most recent date first.

We have made one other change. You will not have to view five separate segments to see the TV/internet show. It is being posted as one unit. There will be an abrupt break and return when the show goes to commercials. All of a second or two. that’s all.

Enough for tuesday. Lets move on to wednesday.

Disaster! An arm on my newest set of glasses fell off. Just like that. I assume it can be fixed. I searched and found one of the smallest screws I have ever seen. It had to have fallen from the glasses. My optician is away till next Wednesday. No problem, I have another set. In fact, I have several sets of prescription glasses in all shades and colors.

Walked yesterday a bit far for me. I was ambitious/energetic for some reason. Walked the Atlantic on South Roosevelt Boulevard from the airport to 1800 and back. I have not lost a pound in several days. Have not gained either. I am still eating little. I keep getting on the scale hoping for a three pound drop all at one time.

Don’s Place first last night. One drink. Chatted with Keith and Jen.

Then to the Chart Room. Surprisingly, very few customers. The powerboat people apparently were not drinking at that time.

Emily bartending. Key West’s oracle of wisdom. Peter and Che at the bar.

Met a lovely lady. Cheryl. She knew Emily. Cheryl used to live in Key West. Had to go north to North Carolina several months ago to care for her mother. Now she is back. Cheryl is an ultra sound technician. She is working at the Advanced Urgent Care Center on North Roosevelt Boulevard.

A nice person. Hope I run into her again.

The TV and radio shows take time to prepare. Especially the TV show. I finished my research and prep one day early this week. By Wednesday afternoon, I was done. I was pleased with myself. It meant I could screw off this afternoon.

Krystal called me late yesterday. There will be no show Friday morning. The television studio will be filming live the power boat races starting at 10. My show was scheduled for 10.

I complained a bit. All the work I had done! Krystal said to use it next week. I cannot. Most of the material is stale by then. Oh, well.

An important historical event took place on this date in 1918. The start of the Russian Revolution. The one between the White Bolsheviks and the Red one’s. A fellow by the name of Kerensky was a White Bolshevik and the first Presinet of free Russia following the Czar’s dethroning. Philosophical differences arose. Lenin was head of the Red group. Finally, the Reds beat the Whites. That is the war that started on this day in 1918.

Kerensky had to flee Russia. Flee or be killed. The choice was simple. He left. He eventually ended up in the United States.

Why the Russian history lesson? I was fortunate to have known Kerensky.

It was 1956-7. I was a senior at Manhattan College. A history major. One of my courses was Russian history from around 1880 to a couple of years following the Revolution. Kerensky taught the course. He was my/our professor. Imagine how exciting it was to hear from the lips of a man who not only lived during those years, but also was the important leader of one of the two revolutionary groups.

Bocce tonight. I look forward to it. Our last money game. We have to win 2 out of 3 games to come in first in the 5 team mini competition we also play.

Enjoy your day!

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