This morning’s news carried the story of two U.S. Navy admirals who have been suspended pending further investigation in a major bribery scandal involving a Singapore defense contractor. Several other high ranking Navy officers were previously removed from duty. The two Admirals are at the top of Naval intelligence.

It has to be the pinnacle in one’s life to have achieved Admiral status. The ultimate in respect goes with the status.

When I read something like today’s news report, I wonder what has happened to character and integrity. It was important once to each individual. Today, it appears it not as important. If I am correct, it is a cancer eating away at our society.

I add most of our Congressmen to the group. Where has honor gone?

Reviewed some new numbers yesterday for this blog. It is now being read in 68 countries. Amazing! The last time I looked it was 49. There was a definite upswing in readers in Sweden and Hong Kong. The blog took a nose dive in South Africa, however. My friend Rita in Calitzdorp, tell me what is happening!

Talking about the blog, permit a suggestion. I know a large number read the blog every day. Most by dialing up Keywestlou.com and reading it on Facebook. Why go through all that work. SUBSCRIBE instead. In the upper right hand corner is the word Subscribe. Click on and you will then receive the blog directly in your email every day. What could be easier?

Yesterday was another simple laid back Key West day. Visited Tammy for a manicure at noon. Tammy is Vietnamese. She has lived in the United States about 15 years. She recently became a citizen. A proud one.

She has two children. Approximately 3 and 5. American holidays are strange to her. She is taking them a step at a time.

This was the family’s first real Halloween. It is also the first Halloween Tammy and family have their own home. They did tricking and treating early. Then greeted other children at their door. Tammy said they ran out of candy after one hour and had to use her children’s stash.

I bug Tammy every year about Thanksgiving. She is not there yet. Cooking a turkey intimidates her. She still feeds her family Vietnamese style. Tammy says in a few years when her kids understand Thanksgiving, she will learn to cook the meal.

Wrote the rest of the day. Hope some day people read what I am writing. One of the other books  is Growing Up Italian. I like it. Hope others will, also.

Speaking of books, I am waiting for the publisher to advise the date of publication of my first one. The World Upside Down.

We worry about hurricanes in Key West. Every Fall. A typhoon is a hurricane by another name. Atlantic storms are labeled hurricanes and Pacific ones typhoons.

The Philippine typhoon that hit yesterday was enormous. It is claimed to be the worst storm in recorded history. It ended up a category 4, close to a 5. Winds 147 miles per hour. Gusts up to 170 miles per hour. So far only 12 have been reported dead. I suspect the worse is not yet known. I fear the final number will exceed 1,000.

A category 4 would wipe out most of Key West. Especially one close to a 5. A 5 definitely would knock everything down.

If you will recall, Andrew was a category 5. It went through Homestead. I drove through Homestead three weeks after the storm. I could not believe what my eyes beheld. Not a building was left standing.

I pray we never get hit that bad in Key West.

Syracuse plays again today. Maryland. The Vegas line has Maryland a six point favorite. We shall see.

I am anxious for this season to be behind us. Syracuse is a building team. We expect the team to do better next year.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Hmmm. I had a different take on the admirals First they are innocent until proven guilty. There is a disturbing trend in this administration. Obama is removing general officers and flag officers if they do not agree with him by inventing trumped charges. Look at all who have been removed in last five years it is astonishing. I do not think the officers are dishonorable They are victims of this administration and the country is paying a terrible price.

    • “This morning’s news carried the story of two U.S. Navy admirals who have been suspended pending further investigation in a major bribery scandal involving a Singapore defense contractor.”

      Agreed, they should get all due process rights. But leaving that Kenyan/Indonesian Obama out of this for once, I tend to believe Lou is correct and our morals are all but gone at all levels of government, religion and business. End times? Who knows but money and prostitutes have brought down many a high level man who thought HE was God.

      The article in the Washington Post today implicated way to many people to say simple “Obama set-up”. Who knows who REALLY pulls the puppet strings anyway, it is NOT Obama or any POTUS.

      Our nation is following the trajectory of all vast and great hegemonic empires straight to the dust bin of history. Jesus and God have it straight up on Pride before the fall.

    • Agreed. But who or whom lurks behind the Wizard’s curtain is the question? I believe we would be shocked. But, alas, pride before the fall.

  2. 1st- 31 days till I we are in the chart room having a cocktail with some of the greatest people I know!!!!
    2nd – if we paid our military the way we pay the CEOs of major corporation s. his would not be. Problem. How would you like to be shot at for 18.75/hour???
    3 – yes I am a veteran! My daughter is a veteran!! My son in law is a veteran! YES I am prejudice towards veterans.

    (I think I need a Beefeaters on the Rox at the Chartroom).

    • Agreed. Father-in-Law a Korean War “guest” of the Chinese for 3 years, lived as RED officers decided “not” to kill anymore wounded Yankees at the Yalu River Basin as the Geneva Convention said kill no POWs and all that plus we captured a shitload of their dudes who we could kill. Thanks MacArthur….Look it up dumb sh&t. Btw.. Silver Star and in prison promo to Major and than Colonel.

      My late Dad, an Aussie “Coast Watcher” on New Guinea, a tropical paradise but NOT Key West by a LONG shot. Gun in tow to blow one’s brains out in lieu of Japs torturing you to hell if captured. Dad too COOL to be captured and he played a BIG part in the Coral Sea. Made it to US sub at the end and alive. (Otherwise no ME! Cool Dad!) He always said…No sweat and no problem for most problems I faced…( I see why now).

      Best friends all Vietnam Vets that have seen ALL the Sh&t and then some. You know it unless no cop, soldier or firefighter than you do NOT know it.

      Me too young at 16 so I became a COP and shall my Sh&t that way. Retired now with a purple heart. Hurt in The Line of Duty in the USA, so Purple Heart. Loved serving with my brothers and sisters; salt if teh earth.

      OK and as I am German by ancestry my Granddad Wolfgang Von Kloeden was a Wehrmacht Officer. He served honorably and surrendered in 1945 with his unit intact. No Nazis and no dishonor. In fact, British took him to an Inn and had drink rounds with him. Wondering how the sh&t his unit held them off for 3 weeks. He said guts and US ammo in the M1s they learned to use. He lived a long life.

      My family rocks, everywhere they are, November 11th..everywhere and I am proud of ALL of them and ALL men and women who actually did the Sh&t. TV and movies need no apply.

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