The character of the Supreme Court is blemished once again. Respect for the Court further diminished.

The Court’s most recent smear involves the wife of Associate Justice Thomas. Ginni Thomas.

Thomas is the longest sitting Justice at the moment. Well over 25 years. I was not impressed with him when he was nominated. His confirmation hearing bore witness to my questioning of his character.

I believed Anita Hill. Thomas’ emotional ranting that her charges and how the Committee was treating him was a “lynching” did not change my opinion one iota. I saw it as theater and the act of a “dying nominee” to survive.

And survive he did.

To be totally frank, I am compelled to advise I was disappointed in then Senator Biden. He was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. I thought him condescending of Hill. He treated her as a “woman” was viewed back then. Tolerated her right to appear. Otherwise treated her as a fly on one’s arm. He lightly brushed she and her story aside.

As an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Thomas has not distinguished himself. Appellate judges/justices ask questions. Piercing ones. Such is how they weave what the law should be out of attorneys before them.

Thomas asked extremely few questions his first 25 years on the bench. One or two. One or two over the entire 25 years.

I ascribe his failure to ask questions as an indication he felt insecure in his job. He feared he would look stupid.

He wrote a book several years ago about his judicial career. Everyone said, Oh, what a great Justice he was, a smart learned man. Nothing further from the truth.

From day one, he was a far right conservative Justice. Rarely if ever deviated from the philosophical position.

He was married before becoming a Justice of the Supreme Court. To Ginni Thomas. One of America’s farthest to the right persons. Spoke her mind freely. Speaks her mind freely even to today.

Respect for her by ultraconservative America has grown over the years. Not because she became smarter over the years. Rather bcause of her husband’s position on the Court.

She and the Justice have always taken the position they do not discuss with each other their political views, thoughts on issues, etc. I never believed them. Still do not. Husbands and wives talk about everything, except perhaps their extra marital affairs.

Ginni a strong supporter of Donald Trump. She believes Trump’s lie about the election having been stolen from him. From 10/10/20 to 1/10/21, she and Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows exchanged 29 texts referable to Trump’s defeat, what should be done, etc.

She texted Meadows that a “rescue” of Trump was needed. She told Meadows that he and other top Republicans should try to overturn the 2020 election.

Ginni offered legal strategies to overturn the election result. Including the use of Attorney Sydney Powell.

Her 10/10/20 text to Meadows: “Help this Great President stand firm, Mark!!!…You are the leader, with him, who is standing for America’s constitutional governance at the precipice. The majority knows Biden and the Left is attempting the greatest Heist of our History.”

Meadows in certain of his texts referred to Trump as the “King of Kings.” He viewed Trump as involved in the fight of “good vs. evil.”

One thing the American people were unaware of till the past 48 hours is that Ginni was present at the January 6 insurrection. When asked, she initially claimed she was present only at Trump’s early morning rally speech. Went home thereafter because it was too cold.

The “too cold” representation again only mentioned once. There is uncertainty whether she was also there when the steps of the Capitol were stormed.

Should Ginni be subpoenaed by the January 6 Committee? I think so. Definitely. Many are already demanding it.

I believe the people also have a right to know what, if any, was her knowledge and pre-planing of January 6. Did she know, what did she know, what was her participation?

Enjoy your day!

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