This morning’s Key West Citizen has two articles clearly evidencing the love the people of the Keys have for their offshore friends. Their friends being those that reside in the ocean waters.

The two mentioned today are Ranger and Leonardo. Ranger a dolphin, Leonardo a turtle.

Ranger is new to the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key. He will enjoy the rest of his life living there.

Ranger was discovered in Texas waters late in June. He was in trouble. A respiratory infection and dehydration. He was discovered near his dead mother.

The Texas State Aquarium Wildlife Research Center for Care rehabilitated Ranger. He was 2 years old when his health was finally restored.

There was a problem. Ranger was too young to forge and survive in the wild. The Dolphin Research Center was selected as the place for Ranger to spend the rest of his life.

Ranger was airplaned to the Dolphin Research Center. His permanent home to be.

At this point, Ranger requires training to survive in the Dolphin Center atmosphere. The Center advises Ranger is now eating like a “champ,” plays with his toys, and is making sounds.

Sounds are important. His beginning to make sounds is an introduction to living with other dolphins at the Center. He is beginning to communicate with the other dolphins.

While training, Ranger lives alone. At some point, Ranger will move in with the other dolphins.

There is the Marathon Turtle Hospital. Today Leonardo will be returned to his ocean home at 1 pm at Sombrero Beach.

Leonardo was rescued last June. He has had tumor removal surgeries, chemotherapy eye drops, antibiotics, fluid treatment, vitamins and a healthy diet of greens and mixed seafood.

Leonardo is ready to go home.

The Food and Drug Administration announced that certain people are now eligible for a second booster shot. People over 50 and those who are immune compromised.

The second booster shot will now be available 4 months following the first. Good for me! Three days ago, it was exactly 4 months since my first booster shot.

Go for it folks! Don’t wait! Don’t be “smart!” Living is better than dying.

Trump’s hole gets deeper and deeper. I suspect it has no ending. Probably runs all the way to China.

Recall Nixon taped all conversations in the Oval Office. No one but he knew. When the taping became evident, the Court ordered it be produced. Nixon complied. He produced all but 18 minutes of the tape. The missing 18 minutes turned out to be the most important part.

Trump has committed a similar act. For a much longer time! Seven hours 37 minutes! Trump known for not doing things in a small way.

The missing 7 hours occurred on January 6. During the time the insurrectionists were attacking the Capitol. During that time, Trump and some compatriots were seated in a room off the Oval Office.

Everyone making telephone calls, texting, etc.

Following what Nixon did re the 18 minutes, laws were passed to make sure all e-mails, texts, telephone calls, etc. were kept in some recorded form. The items became part of a President’s official diary. Included were the White House switchboard call logs,

The seven hours ran from 11:57 am – 6:54 pm.

Poor Donald! It appears he is finding it increasingly difficult to hide/destroy records and get away with it. Recall his complaints that the White House toilets had something wrong with them. They were not flushing properly. Turned out it was official documents Trump was destroying by ripping them up and flushing them down the toilet.

Mar-a-Lago presented a similar problem. Trump illegally had records transported to Mar-a-Lago just before January 20. He tried to destroy them by toilet flushing. The same result as flushing in the White House. Trump complained at the time the Palm Beach sewer system was not functioning properly either.

I do not recall agreeing with Joe Manchin with regard to anything he has done. The man is selfish and self serving.

Now arises an issue where I do agree with Manchin. Cannot believe it!

Biden has proposed an additional tax be imposed on billionaires.

Biden’s plan is for a minimum 20 percent tax rate on households worth $100 million or more. The thorn in the plan is the tax being imposed on the accrued value of unsold investments.

The present law does not tax such monies till the asset is sold. No waiting under Biden’s plan.

Manchin disagrees with Biden’s proposal. I do also and for the same reason as Manchin. Lord forgive me!

Manchin’s argument which I agree with is that the wealthiest would be taxed on “things you don’t have.” In other words, the asset acquired has not yet been sold. The taxpayer has received no profit.

What Manchin is saying and what I agree with is “you might have the profit on paper,” but not in cash.

Makes sense to me. Keep the present plan in place. If Biden wants to increase the tax on the wealthy, he should increase the capital gains tax.

Enjoy your day!


  1. The Dolphin Research Center on Grazzy Key and the Marathon Turtle Hospital in Marathon are two of the greatest treasures of the Keys. Something EVERY person in Florida can be proud of, regardless of your political posture.

    If you live here or just visit, you owe it to find your way to each of these places,

  2. Well, Well Lou , your usual rants about Trump and Russia. And let’s not forget China. Not one word about Biden’s trip! Never anything about Hunter and Joe’s mishaps. Who is it soft on Russia and China? We sit back and let Russia rule the Iran deal? We are being invaded at our southern border, Americans are dealing with inflation, panic over shelves being empty and gas prices. Biden and Harris are a disgrace. We are in trouble here. And everyone needs to stop trying to divide us. I know elderly people that are doing without their meds and food now. This should not be happening here. God help us all!

    • Because all of that stuff is fake news and bull sh*t wining, by people who are only interested in political trolling!

      Why don’t you spend your time trying to get those Trump loving truckers back to work helping America rather then wasting time trolling Lou’s blog?

  3. Trolling? I’m sorry, I thought we were still in the United States! No more free speech? And for your fake news, the Biden Clan isn’t above the law either. The truckers are having to pay the high fuel cost now to bring your sh*t to you. That in turn is causing everything to go up in price. The trucker, nurses, and first responders worked during the pandemic. None got the bonus the teachers got, who weren’t even in school teaching. Wasted time is you having anything to say.

  4. All nonsense, and all Republican talking points.

    ….and if you are so miserable with your pathetic life here in America, perhaps you might want to take your own advise (posted using a different phony name) and leave the country. Let’s see how you like living in Russia with your FOX news friends as neighbors

    • I HAVE NEVER USED A PHONY NAME! You can call it what you want,. I stand behind what I post. I am not living a miserable life, have a great one. And am not afraid of your vile mouth. I’m the Southern Lady. One more time, never posted under anything else. So just keep telling your lies. Bless your heart.

      • Baloney

        Your constant carping with direct Republican talking points, tell all of us a different story than any excuse you can ever come up with. Garbage is garbage and hiding behind “free speech” every time you get caught in your lies and pathetic crybaby bull sh*t is deplorable.

        …and YOU ain’t no Lady!

        • The only garbage and lies being thrown around are coming from your vile filthy mouth . I have more lady in my little finger than you will ever have. Crawl back to your gutter b*tch.

  5. Which part of any of my posts do you want to claim is vile, “Southern”? Getting a little bit ahead of yourself with the huffy “I’m a victim, whoa is me” part of your theatrics, aren’t you.

    Like I said before …YOU ain’t no “Lady” and you keep proving it with no help from anyone else. I would say YOU are however, dishonest, deplorable and a crybaby!

  6. I have never been a victim. Not going to start now. Never been a crybaby. Keep spinning your filth. You think your hurting my feelings by saying I’m no lady? Honey please!! You call everything a lie. Where’s your facts? Prove me wrong.. all you can come up with is to call me names and try to belittle me. It doesn’t work. You don’t scare me! In all of this wasted time, you still have not proved I’m wrong.

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