The second day of Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing is today. Yesterday’s time was absorbed with opening statements, some of which indicate the path certain Senators will take in their questioning.

Republicans have promised “no circus” at the hearing.

Not to be believed.

The “clown circus” will commence with the start of questioning today. The demagogues will double down.

One of the first to lie and attempt to disgrace Judge Jackson will be Senator Hawley. You remember him. He was the Senator who climbed the steps of the Capitol on January 6. He walked through the crowd undisturbed. It was as if a path had been opened for him.

At one point, he turned to face the crowd and raised his fist in the air. Signifying to me he agreed with them. Perhaps was involved in some fashion with the group.

Senator Hawley is excited. He has the “big one” that will help defeat Judge Jackson: She is soft on child pornography.

The man is sick. What he seeks to attribute to Judge Jackson also sick in that it is a heinous lie.

There will be a few others of Hawley’s ilk also.

The first day or two of Spring Break in Miami Beach went well. It has ended. Violence erupted. Shooting occurred injuring 5 persons.

The Mayor has declared a State of Emergency. A curfew is being imposed.

Andrew Yermak is the Head of the Presidential Office in the Ukraine. He was quoted in an Opinion piece in the Washington Post: ” The West underestimated the Ukraine’s bravery. Now, it’s underestimating Putin’s brutality.”

I find it difficult to understand how values are misapplied at the state level in Florida. Free medical and dental is provided to children in the Florida Keys whose parents cannot afford such care.

The group providing the services is not for profit. Its name The Florida Keys Area Health and Education Center.

The organization will have to cut its program. The Legislature ignored its request for $650,000. It has provided monies to assist in previous years. Five hundred thousand dollars last year. Now zip.

At the same time, Governor DeSantis’ desire for an “election police” has been approved. Approved to tackle an “urgent problem” which in reality is a “non-existent” one.

Studies reveal roughly 0.000677 percent of Florida voters have been committing voter fraud.

Voter fraud is a “crime” that does not exist with any substance in Florida. Children requiring medical and dental assistance does.

Lynda Frechette. My friend, oracle of wisdom, the nicest of persons. Two days ago, Lynda e-mailed her blog followers a short essay titled ” The Magic Bank Account.”

Two lines at the end perceptive: “Don’t complain about growing old…..! Some people don’t get the privilege!”

Tuesday comes swiftly every week. This evening my blog talk radio show: Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.” Join me for some interesting ranting and raving. Much going on in the world.  www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

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  1. Senator Josh Hawley, is just one example of the clown circus the Republicans have become on all issues, now days. Let him and the others run with the child pornography thing. They tried that sort of thing with Hilary and her Pizza restaurant thing in NJ and we saw where that got them.

    What’s with it with these people, they can’t govern and can’t tell the truth. Everything is a smear.

  2. Looks like these DC convoy Truckers” are now more anti-cops, then they are anti-BLM’ers. What gives with these angry right wingers?

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