Political Washington smells more and more. The odors of the sewers reached Judge Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearing the past 3 days.

The stench to a degree rarely achieved.

The foul mouthed sick minds Senators Hawley, Graham, Cruz, Lee and Blackburn.

It all began in November 2016. A false conspiracy theory was born. In short order, it was believed by 50 percent of Trump’s supporters who still believe the theory today.

The false claim was that high Democrat officials and U.S. restaurants were involved in human trafficking and a child sex ring.

North Carolinian Edgar Maddison bought the theory. He armed himself with an AR-15 and a holster revolver and traveled to the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant in Washington. He believed the lies being made. One of which was there was a child sex ring operating out of Comet’s cellar.

He entered Comet, scared everyone out, fired one shot and in due course surrendered to authorities.

He appeared in 2017 before U.S. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for sentencing. The same Judge Jackson who has been before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week for confirmation purposes.

She sentenced him to 4 years. The Prosecution had requested 4.5 years.

QAnon picked up on the child sex abuse theory and gave it new life in 2020.

Nothing related thus far came up during this week’s confirmation hearing. Why, I don’t know. Significant to the extent it involved alleged child sex abuse and Judge Jackson. Perhaps because Judge Jackson’s sentence was merely 6 months less than that recommended by the prosecution.

Hawley and Cruz each hope to be the Republican Party candidate for President in 2024. Each wants QAnon’s support. Each groveled for it the past 3 days. Each sold their soul to the company store.

Hawley jumped on 7 child sex porn cases and chastised Jackson for what he considered insufficient sentencing. What he was actually indicating was Jackson was soft on child sex abuse. Nothing further from the truth, of course. Her record as a mother, wife, judge and human being indicate absolutely nothing along those lines.

Hawley was trying to make something out of nothing. Cruz saw the value in it and immediately jumped into the attack. Graham carried it on solely for the purpose it would get his name in print. Lee and Blackburn, I do not understand. Staunch conservatives. However neither has an  ax to grind re the issue nor is seeking the Republican Presidential nod in 2024.

The conduct of the Senators named similar to the witch hunts of the middle ages. Without justification, certain persons were attacked. Jackson was under similar attack this week. The attack senseless and without justification.

The Senators prostituted and prostrated themselves for QAnon support in 2024.

Very very few either in the Republocan Senate or the United States itself support the insanity promulgated by Hawley and Cruz, or the other 3 Senators attempting to besmirch Jackson with their lies.

Media comments not supportive of the Hawley/Cruz attack. Referred to the baseless ramblings as an “unfounded smear….unfair…..last ditch, eve of hearing degenerative attack on her record on sentencing in sexual offense cases…..nauseating…..(and) dishonest.”

To make sure everyone recalls Hawley, he is the the U.S. Senator who as he was climbing the Capitol steps on January 6  raised his fist in solidarity with the protesters.

I sensed color was an issue with certain Senators also. Veiled,  nevertheless there.

Jackson is in the midst of a horrible fight. An unfair one.

I was impressed with Jackson. As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I have been watching these confirmation hearings since 1960. She is without question the finest and most qualified candidate nominated for the Supreme Court.

My prediction is Jackson will ultimately be confirmed by the full Senate in a very close vote. If not it will be the country’s loss, not hers.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I agree with you Lou, totally despicable – but then this is what has become with half of the people in this country.

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