Trump never quits. He continues to be sue crazy. Uses the courts like he owns them. His frequency of lawsuits definitely abuses the system..

He did it again.

Last week, Trump sued Hillary Clinton, the National Democratic Committee and several top Democrats. He claims they tried to rig the 2016 election by tying his campaign to Russia.

I do not recall whether Hillary and company did or did not. If they did not, they should have. Trump has been in Putin’s back pocket since well before the 2016 election.

The lawsuit does not make sense to me. A suit requires the suing party to have been damaged. Where was Trump damaged? He won the election.

The suit covers purported incidences that happened 5-6 years ago. Most if not all of the suit may be barred by the Statute of Limitations.

Trump may have a venue problem also. Though he sued the case in Florida for his convenience, it may end being tried in Washington, D.C. or New York City for “convenience of witnesses.”

Trump relies on the Mueller Report and Special Counsel Joe Durham’s investigation into the FBI’s 2016 investigation of Trump’s campaign.

An article published the day after suit was instituted claims the the suit “often exaggerates or misstates Durham’s allegations or other facts of the case.”

Trump’s win/loss record in court suits leaves much to be desired. How many has he won? Two or three, while losing well into the 60’s.

I sense this suit will cause his losing numbers to increase by one.

Madeleine Albright died. She was 84.

A distinguished American.

Albright was born in Czechoslovakia. She and her family were required to escape twice. First from the Nazis, then from the Communists.

Albright served as Secretary fo State and Ambassador to the U.N. The first woman to serve in both positions.

She was very much anti-Putin and constantly spoke of him in disparaging terms.

May she rest in peace.

No one can deny Judge Jackson is a strong woman. She was examined by the Judiciary Committee for two days for a total of 22 hours. Not only strong, intelligent also. I was very much impressed with her responses. She has a working legal mind.

The Ukrainian military continues to impress. Last week, it sunk the Russian warship Orsk.

Putin cannot be sleeping well.

Miami continues to operate with a ban on alcohol sales for outside drinking at 6 pm. Its midnight curfew continues also.

A few miles north is Fort Lauderdale. Its spring break crowd is partying with few if any problems thus far.

For what follows, I am sure I am going to be accused of being anti-black. Not so. Merely reporting facts as observed via the internet.

Review internet photos and videos for both cities. Miami’s college visitors are primarily black. Like 99 percent. Very very few whites to be seen. Whereas, Fort Lauderdale’s visitors, the reverse. Primarily whites, with a bit more blacks.

Someone bearing expertise in the area of discrimination should investigate and write an article why such occurred. A cause and effect expose.

St. Peter’s having a hell of a Big Tournament run. Tonight, they meet the University of North Carolina at 5 pm in an Elite Eight game.

St. Peter’s recently beat Purdue to reach this point.

At first St. Peter’s was viewed as a Cinderella team. No longer. They have proven in their last 3 games they belong. A great team. Players and coach alike. Start with 4 guards. Have no really tall man. Well coached.

Whoever heard of St. Peter’s? A small Jesuit University in Jersey City. A student population of 2,300. More female than male.

It would not surprise me if the team won again this evening. St. Peter’s is Final Four material.

A good evening entertainment wise. Following the St. Peter’s game, the Academy Awards.

The price of gasoline in Key West has gone up $.15 per gallon in one week. Now $4.60 a gallon. Took me $60 to fill my small Volkswagen tank yesterday.

On this day in 1954, RCA began producing color TV sets at its Bloomington, Indiana plant.

I saw my first color TV in operation 3 years later in June 1957.

I had graduated from Manhattan College that day. We had a family dinner afterwards at the Stella D’Oro restaurant in the Bronx. Its famous Italian cookie making plant stood behind the restaurant. The restaurant top shelf.

During diner, an excitement ran through the restaurant. Everyone ran to the bar. Color TV!


I would compare it to how audiences must have felt when they viewed their first talking movie.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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