What a night it was! The Oscars and St.Peter’s.

The Academy awards were the best I’ve seen in years. In most instances, light. A lot of laughs.

One incident marred an otherwise perfect evening. Will Smith moving up onto the stage and slapping hard Chris Rock. If Smith’s hand had been a closed fist, Rock would be in a dentist’s chair this morning.

Rock made a comment about Smith’s wife Jada’s lack of hair. I thought it was funny. Her husband did not which is what caused him the slap Rock.

Smith then returned to his seat and loudly yelled not so nice comments at Rock. Including twice “fucking.”

Great language for a show being televised internationally.

Jada suffers from a hair loss problem referred to as Alopecia. Her head appears shaved. Many women attending the Oscars last night had cleanly shaved heads.

Rock made reference to Jada as GI Jane. Such was what Smith found offensive.

Forty minutes later it was announced Smith had won the Award for Best Actor. He cried during his acceptance speech. Not because he had won, but because he felt at his stage in life he had a responsibility to stand up for other people.

Sounded like he had a Divine intercession.

Rock handled the episode well. With class. The gentleman throughout.

A brief tribute to the Godfather was held. Appearing as part thereof were Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro.

Pacino got old! He looked it! Whereas DeNiro looked fantastic. Thin, white haired, tall standing.

How the clock of time affects each of us differently.

Liza Minnelli appeared with Lady Gaga. The years had again taken toll of a great star of yesteryear. Minnelli was confined to a wheel chair, hunched over. Mentally it appeared she was slipping a bit.


Lady Gaga treated Minnelli with love and affection. Tenderly best describes the treatment.

It was the end of the road for St. Peter’s. Destroyed by North Carolina 69-49. No competition.

Nevertheless, St. Peter’s will long be remembered in the annals of college basketball. The little guy who came from nowhere to reach the heights of collegiate basketball. Almost winning the whole thing. Came up 3 games short.

St. Peter’s was never in the game. It was apparent early on. St. Peter’s could not make a shot, whether from under the basket or a 3 pointer.

Coaching at North Carolina’s end is what did St.Peter’s in. North Carolina was a foot closer whenever St. Peter’s attempted a shot. Kept St. Peter’s off balance the entire game.

Zellenskyy asked for too much yesterday. More military hardware for one. The Ukraine is already receiving a lot. More is in the works. The United States and other NATO nations have not come up short in this area.

Zellenskyy screwed up when he suggested NATO was scared of Moscow: “NATO is intimidated by Russia.”

He and his people fail to realize a nuclear war must be avoided. As bad as the Ukraine appears today, there would be no Ukraine at all if nuclear weapons were to be used against them. Europe and the U.S. would also be in danger of a Putin inspired nuclear attack.

For the moment, NATO must continue assisting the Ukraine short of inducing a nuclear confrontation. Intimidation has nothing to do with it. The exercise of clear sense and judgment does.

Sidewalk cafes are here to stay.

Key West went to the use of outside tables and chairs initially to protect against coronavirus. The outdoor seating has worked well and from now on will be a regular feature of key West dining.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Late last Friday night, a young man was sent to hospital after accidentally shooting himself in the testicles with his gun at the St Regis hotel in the ritzy River Oaks area of Houston.

    Where are all the good guys with guns when you need them?

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