Another Key West friend has moved on. Roger Keast. I received the sad news yesterday from his wife Cheryl.

Roger and Cheryl were Key West snowbirds for many years. I met them when I first purchased a home in Key West close to 30 years ago.

We became “members” of the Chart Room and Square One Restaurant.

Roger a party person. No question about it. Enjoyed life. Wife Cheryl lovely. The dutiful wife. Always attentive to Roger’s needs and made sure he was always the happy camper.

The two originally from Kankakee, Illinois. Roger a top notch electrician. Began an electrical company that grew by leaps and bounds. Today, operated by their sons.

A few years ago, Roger and Cheryl moved from Kankakee and Key West to Cape Coral. We saw less of each other as a result. Their Key West visits significantly fewer.

Though there was a connection that never failed. Cheryl kept in touch via the blog. She loyally read it each day. If the morning went by and I had not published yet, she wrote inquiring where was it, my health, etc.

Whereas Roger made me drink too much, Cheryl made me smile. No blog by noon, Cheryl would write what she described as her “daily fix.” Where was it on such a day?

My condolences Cheryl. You and Roger made a wonderful couple.

I hope you will occasionally visit us in Key West. Hurry! I am much older than Roger. I would not want to miss seeing you again.

A Citizens’ Voice comment this morning: “All over the world places ranging from other cities like Amsterdam and Barcelona to tourist towns like Sonoma, Cape Cod, and the Oregon Coast, are taking concrete steps to limit over-tourism. Here in the Keys, we continue to spend $50 million plus a year advertising for more tourists.”

Oh, how the Keys loved Harry Truman. And he loved the Keys in return, especially Key West.

On this day in 1964, the former President dedicated a bridge at Duck Key which had been named after him.

Spring breakers continue to be a problem in certain Florida locations First it was Miami. Big time problems there! Now, Panama City.

Officials arrested 78 persons and confiscated 75 guns from rampaging spring breakers. Officials called the number and types of guns enough to “arm a small army.”

One non-fatal shooting has occurred. A spring breaker from Alabama the shooter.

Those causing problems were described as “troublemakers.” Referred to as “panamaniacs.”

Officials claimed the group was being orchestrated by specific influencers online.

The Key West Dairy Queen has been a part of Key West for many years. It was already doing business when I arrived 30 years ago.

There are roughly 3,000 stores nationwide. Seventy two percent are owned by Warren Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway.

I do not believe the Key West one is.

Buffett’s Dairy Queens have launched a burger line. Five different type burgers which will be sold as part of its Dairy Queen operation.

Will Trump ever get indicted? For anythng! He has stepped over the line so oiften that it seems impossible for him not to be.

While the January 6 Committee is working hard, Attorney General Merrick Garland appears to be sitting on his ass. I warned when he was nominated this could happen. Good judges do not necessarily make good prosecutors. Judges take too long to make up their minds and before anything happens must be sure all t’s are crossed and all i’s dotted.

A federal judge may have put Garland on the spot. Sort of a shit or get off the pot thing.

Monday Federal Judge David Carter ruled that former President Trump  had “more likely than not” attempted to illegally obstruct Congress….based on the evidence.”

William Gladstone wrote, “Justice delayed is justice denied.” So true. Especially with regards to Trump’s wrongdoings which seem to take forever to pursue. Makes one wonder is Trump will walk away fre from responsibility for his wrongdoings.

I suspect Judge Cater’s decision will now accelerate matters. Americans want to know what happened, who was responsible, etc.

Two comments in YouTube this morning speak to the problem.

The first “until the words ‘Trump’ and ‘indicted’ for multiple federal crimes appear in the same sentence, I won’t hold my breath.”

The other: “Either everyone is accountable under the law, or no one.”

Washington Post columnist Charles M. Bloom in an article published this morning re Judge Jackson noted that Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Supreme Court nominees have “long drifted into the realm of inconsequential theater.”

Right on, Bloom!

Tuesday again. Arrives promptly every week. Brings with it my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine ths evening. Much to discuss this week.

Sins of many many. You will enjoy my ranting and raving. I get a lot off my chest. www/

Enjoy your day!


  1. I am one person who thinks that Dairy Queen burgers are not so good Lou, I mean really not so good. Why bother, when there are good burgers everywhere you look, especially in Key West. Dairy Queen burgers are good if you are in Daytona Beach, or maybe Arkansas, North Dakota, something like that, but not here!

  2. I think I know why Tucker Carlson, in particular and FOX News in general, is sucking up to Putin and Russia. He/they is/are worried that Putin will spill the beans on how they (Putin and Russia) helped FOX and Trump get elected in 2016 and that could not go well for them (Carlson and FOX)!

    Trump is sucking up to Putin ’cause he (Putin) has those “pee tapes”

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