Nina Krushcheva is a Russian expert. As one of many who consider Putin being affected with Napoleonic megalomania, she best summed him up in a Vanity Fair podcast: “He is a small man of five-six saying he’s five-seven.”

The Ukrainian  people are exhibiting bravery at its highest level. There are many stories that reflect such bravery.

One involves a Ukrainian marine who sacrificed himself to blow up a bridge. The bridge would have allowed Russian tanks to advance were it not destroyed.

He voluntarily undertook a mission to place explosives around the structure of the Genichesky Bridge near Kyiv before Russian tanks could cross it.

A hero was born.

The marine did not have time to flee the blast zone before detonating the explosives. He informed his battalion he would be blowing the bridge regardless.

Ordinary citizens of all ages have taken up the fight.

A photo on the internet this morning showed six girls standing in line holding AR-15 type guns. One girl could not have been more than 10. The remaining teenagers.

All dressed in winter clothes. Bulky jackets or coats. All serious faced. All defending their homeland.

Another photo showed a woman who appeared about 50 years old. Similarly dressed. Lying on her stomach pointing her gun waiting for nearby Russians to attack her position.

Men who left to take their families to Poland are returning alone to fight.

On one of the talk shows this morning, a Ukrainian leader was asked what was needed. He said, “Weapons. We’ll do the fighting.”

NATO must move their asses now! The imposition of sanctions is moving too slowly. Some sanctions are watered down type versions. Boris Johnson said 2 days ago Britain’s sanctions were tough and  Great Britain would doing its share big time.

Turns out to have been bullshit. London has too much oligarch money moving through it. Johnson fears upsetting the oligarchs.

Note Kyiv is still standing. The Ukraines a tough and proud people.

Biden could do more as far as U.S. sanctions are concerned. He has yet to go for the jugular. He must.

The oligarchs must be hurt harder.

Yesterday, it was announced sanctions had been levied against Putin that would affect his assets. Putin will suffer more inconvenience than pain. He is regarded as the richest man in the world.

Years ago, I was in Portofino several times. I saw how Putin lived. He was close friends with Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi had a home of the bay in Portofino.

I used to drink at an outdoor cafe on the bay. The bay itself  relatively small. Berlusconi’s home on a slight hill nearby. Huge, magnificient. The shrubbery surrounding the house impressed me. Tall, wide and extensive. Had to have cost millions. And at least a million more each year to maintain.

Sitting in front of the cafe and close to Berlusconi’s home was his yacht. One of those 150 footers. A home in itself.

Putin decided he wanted a summer home in Portofino near his friend Berlusconi. He built one next door to Berlusconi. Smaller. However magnificent, including the shrubbery.

I am sure Putin has summer/winter homes elsewhere also. Such is the way a man of his wealth lives.

Since the war started, I have found the substance of my blog changing. The war is top news and interesting. I am writing more about the war and less about other things.

My level of research is the same. However other topics are lacking in appeal at this time.

I have also noticed comments to the blog have increased significantly. The war is in the forefront of everyone’s minds. As it should be. No question an item of grave concern.

A few of the type of items I wrote more about till the recent past.

Sally Kellerman died. Age 84. The female star of MASH. Hot Lips!

Lord help us!

Governor DeSantis appeared before CPAC yesterday. He received “rock star treatment.” News reports indicate they loved him!

He would be a worse President than Trump. He can think a bit.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Many acts of bravery and honor displayed by Ukrainian’s including the their President. Many acts of bravery by Russian citizens in opposition to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Hoping the Ukrainians persevere in keeping their democracy while delivering a blow to Vlad.

  2. Take the Fence which Nancy is putting up around the Capital to keep the truckers out and place it on our southern border to keep all those out who are fleeing Commie countries. They may just vote out our leaders out.

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