Ukraine and Russia. Right vs. might. David vs. Goliath.

The winds of war are reaching hurricane velocity.

The Ukraine is to be admired. They continue to prepare for war. TV this morning showed how men, women and young children are training to shot with wood rifles. Parents seem to understand it is everyone’s fight.

I fear for the Ukraines. How can a nation getting ready for war with wood rifles defeat trained soldiers and a mechanized military?

There is no question the Ukraine will need the assistance of NATO and the U.S. to survive. Hopefully win. My concern is after a brief time helping, NATO, etc. will find the mess is too much for them to handle/be involved in and slowly withdraw.

A new world will be born. Geographical boundaries will change. Deaths, especially on the Ukrainian side, will sky rocket.

Another problem not discussed is the refugee problem that will erupt overnight. Ukrainians will be trying to leave their country for any European nation that will take them. Those nations will in short course not be amenable to providing the refugees a place of shelter.

Another concern is one little discussed. The war could be the match igniting a bonfire that will spread across Europe.

Anti-Semitism and anti-color prejudices are out of control. Both groups discriminated against historically. Periodically on the rise. We are in such a period at this time.

Let’s take a trip back in time.

On this day in 1939, a Nazi rally was held at Madison Square Garden. Twenty thousand attended.

The rally was held 6 1/2 months before Hitler invaded Poland.

Speakers stood on a stage with a thirty foot portrait of George Washington behind them.

The event was sponsored as a “Pro-American Rally.” It was sponsored by the German American Bund. Definitely anti-Semitic.

Banners everywhere reflecting the anti-Semitism: Stop Jewish Discrimination of Christian America…..Wake Up America. Smash Jewish Communism…..FDR was referred to as “Rosenfeld”….. Manhattan District Attorney Thomas Dewey as “Thomas Jewey.”

The main speaker sounded like a today White Supremacist. He said as part of his address: “We, with American ideals, demand that our government shall be returned to the American people who founded it…..a socially first, white Gentile-ruled United States…..a gentile-controlled labor union, free from Jewish Moscow – directed domination.”

At the time the rally was being held, Hitler was completing his sixth concentration camp.

Certain groups of gentiles are a driving force in today’s discriminatory increase against Jews and persons of color: Members of the far right, far right legislators, and certain groups of episcopalians who came to the U.S. as early settlers pre-Revolution.

The FDA has issued a warning that consumers not use certain Family Dollar products. Six states are involved.

A fumigation revealed 1,000 dead rodents at a distribution facility in Arkansas. Additionally live rodents, rodent feces and urine, evidence of gnawing, dead birds and bird droppings.

Family Dollar immediately put into effect a voluntary recall for certain specified products purchased between 1/1/21 and 2/18/22. Then followed up with the closing of 400 stores.

From 4-6 this afternoon, Dr. Michael E. McIvor’s Celebration of Life at the Marriott Beachside. A good man. I plan on attending.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Traffic maybe reducing on US 1 as Bird flu comes closer and do mask work. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, samples collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Wildlife Services agency resulted in a positive test for H5N1 HPAI in a blue-winged teal in Palm Beach County. It further stated that it was the same Eurasian strain of avian influenza that was earlier discovered in those three states and in the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.

  2. Sandy is a persistent and annoying parasite on lou’s blog who has an unholy relationship with the truth and is only really interested in starting fights. He also has a serious problem with his ego.

    He also apparently has a substance abuse problems and will post under the influence with posts that are totally off topic and make no sense.

  3. Wasn’t this same “Sandy” obsessively complaining, just a few weeks back, the lame GOP (well FOX News) mantra about how Biden should revoke and COVID relief plan for American workers who were to lazy to work anymore and were bleeding America dry, even though employment figures were saying otherwise.

    Why is there absolutely no daily peep from this same lame Sandy about all these militant right wing truck drivers demonstrating instead of working?

      • No thanks, you are way to racist and far too morally bankrupt for my tastes.

        BTW, how come you’ve been soooooo quiet on that failed Wisconsin Foxcom project (conjob) you so famously promoted and defended, even though most experts tried to warn everybody it was just a scheme that the residents of Wisconsin would lose their shirts over. What’s the matter, you too embarraszed to admit that once again, you really don’t know what you are talking about are really nothing but a political shill?

  4. So Sandy – you don’t work AND you don’t think for yourself – and you want to be taken seriously about stuff?

    I don’t think so.

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