Putin is calling the shots at the moment. Has everyone dancing to his tune. World leaders running to confer with him.

Putin the man of the hour! In all his sick glory! It bothers him not that many will needlessly die. It has become his way or the highway.

My feeling is the war is inevitable. Putin has made up his mind.

My concern is what will be his thought process when Biden hits him with what are supposedly the worst sanctions ever. Economic destruction for Russia, Putin, and his oligarch supporters.

Stupid Putin is not. He must have a retaliatory plan in mind. I worry the retaliation may be worse than anything up to that point. Armed conflict with many nations, including the United States?

Time will tell.

I feel as I did during the Cold War when nuclear war with the Soviets was possible every day.

At this moment, Putin must feel as Hitler and Tojo did when they caused World War II to begin. How will he feel when he experiences an end similar to that Hitler and Tojo suffered?

The sickness in Putin’s mind is evident based on the news released this morning. Putin has had a list prepared of Ukrainians who are to be killed or sent to concentration camps.

I am confused by what happened in the Senate friday. Congress was debating and supposedly to vote on what the sanctions would be. Surprised me as I thought such decision was the President’s and had already been made.

Typical of the Senate, a bipartisan decision could not be reached. Congress adjourned. Both Houses returned home as they have this week off.

A catastrophic war in the offing and they leave on vacation!

I understand further it makes no difference as to the sanctions. Biden alone can decide what they are and implement them without Congress’ backing.

Our governmental procedures continue to perplex me. Too many minor rules and regulations that can be called into play. Compelling the result in most instances that nothing gets done.

I watched the Grant and Lincoln stories last night on the History Channel. Excellent! I thought the Grant one better. Probably because I learned things about Grant I never knew.

Dr. McIvor’s Celebration of Life was a respectful event. People coming in and out. I would estimate 100 at any given time.

One thing struck me. Everyone was old, except for Susan’s two adult children and Dr.Norris.

Guess that is the way it is.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I think if Trump was still in power this Russia Ukraine thing just would not be happening.

    Putin would have called Trump and said “we are going in!” and Trump would have said “OK, Cool, no problem, do you need any help? If you want I can get Flynn to help and as far as I know, Rudy’s free.”

    They were friends and Trump likes Russia. He literally had been in bed with Communists by then.

  2. Will the bright lights of Duval grow dim? Ukrain is world’s number one producer of neon.
    Or will high price of fuel slow the flow of tourist to KW with oil predicted to go to $150 barrel.
    The CDC has been lying about 19-to-49-yearold’s
    Go Joe; go home!

    • What would you know about this or anything Sandy – Your posts on Lou’s blog are almost always political rumors and other garbage only intended to create some sort of stupid banter.

      Quit with the trolling, nobody cares what you think!

        • Who knows, maybe no one but you?

          Secretly, I hope you keep up with your stupid crap. It shows exactly the perversion and depravity of the Republican mind nowadays. Maybe some who still want to think of themselves as “conservatives” will realize that supporting Republicans is the right thing to do anymore

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