The die is cast. The Rubicon crossed.

Small as it was, Putin stepped over the line. He was testing Biden’s resolve. Biden reacted. A reaction I suspect Putin did not expect.

Biden has called the forces of good to stand against evil. Blatant evil.

Biden followed through with threatened sanctions. Not all, however. He held some back. I disagree with him on this point. The U.S. should have buried Putin with everything in its first blast.

Not a condemnation of Biden. Rather a disagreement as to procedure.

The sanctions unloaded by Biden impressive nevertheless. Heavy sanctions against 2 Russian banks and a number of Russian oligarchs. With an admonition more would follow depending on what if anything Putin did next.

Biden also advised additional U.S. troops would be stationed in Baltic states on NATO’s eastern flank boarding Russia.

It was assumed other NATO members would hit Russia with sanctions.

Some have.

Germany stood up first. Even before Biden acted. Germany advised it would withhold certification of the NORDSteam 2 gas/oil line. A big hurt to Russia.

Since Biden acted, Great Britain’s Boris Johnson advised that his nation would be sanctioning 5 Russian banks. Freezing Russian assets. Also to be sanctioned were 3 Russian billionaires. Oligarchs. Travel bans were also placed upon them.

Australia and Japan have announced the imposition of sanctions. An impressive we support you move. Neither is a member of NATO.

Trump got involved. In support of Putin and adverse to Biden’s moves. Trump hailed Putin’s “savy” and “genius” with regard to Putin’s move into the Ukraine.

Cleksandra Matvlychuk is a Ukraine activist. She said, “A stronger global response is needed towards Russia. I think that people in the West don’t understand that it’s not about the Ukraine.” The Ukraine is the frontline of the “battle between authoritarianism and values of the free world.”

The Ottawa convoy has come and gone. Through the immediate and spectacular efforts of Trudeau and the Canadian government.

The “convoy” has announced its next target is Washington, D.C. At the moment, it appears the affront will arrive at different times. The first group for Biden’s State of the Union Address on March 1. A second group will arrive later on March 5. The convoy will embark from California and is not expected to arrive till that date.

The federal government has been getting ready. Fences are being reerected around the White House and certain other areas of the Capitol.

The National Guard has already been made available. Seven hundred. They will be unarmed. Local and White House police are engaged in preparations also.

January 6 was a warning. The government will be prepared this time.

The Washington convoy’s purpose is to protest pandemic restrictions. Canada’s convoy was to protest mandated vaccines. The cry lasted two days when it was discovered that 90 percent of Canadians were vaccinated.

Canada has set the standard by which these convoys are to be handled. Canada was successful. I am concerned whether the U.S. can do as well.

The U.S. is encumbered with too many minute incidental laws and procedures which will inhibit the authorities from doing what they must. The U.S. may ultimately be successful in getting rid of the convoy problem. However it will take much longer and be more burdensome than Canada’s solutions.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Trump’s praise of Putin as “savy” and “genius,” with regard to Putin’s move into the Ukraine, is treasonous. Trump should be arrested and tried as such. We simply cannot have an ex president moving like that against our nations goals. This is more than unAmerican.

  2. These truckers are similar to children pouting when they haven’t had their nap and can’t quite come up with a grid reason for being little azzholes. Real Americans should tell them, loud and clear, just to shut up and behave.

    America is in need right now – we need people working, not on strike!

  3. I say let these wacko truckers come to Washington and let the whole world see who they are. This time they won’t be able to blame in on the “antifa.” Then let them try and find flights home so that they can try and start the process of suing the government to get their confiscated rigs back.

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