To start a war does not require a Hitler type blitzkrieg or a Japanese sneak attack. An incursion is sufficient. A step over a line.

The U.S. must not parse words. The world understands. The U.S. must not fail in the eyes of the world as it has done in the recent past.

Mr. President: Full sanctions! Nothing less!

Today! The world is waiting to hear from us.

Failure to do so will weaken the U.S.’ recent NATO alliance that “we all stand together.” China will determine we are not the democratic world leader, viewing the U.S. as a “weakened power.”

Germany is to be congratulated. It stood up in a timely fashion by immediately halting approval of the NordStream 2 pipeline.

Putin ranted and raved on TV for more than an hour yesterday justifying his and Russia’s position. Putin obviously an excellent speaker. As many despots have been. Hitler and Castro two examples.

Putin views himself a “peacekeeper.” He should take another look in the mirror. He is a “warmonger.”

Former acting CIA Director John McLaughlin said: “Putin has choreographed this with the hope that we and the Europeans will debate whether this is an ‘invasion’ or not. And hoping that throws us enough off balance that he will pay a minimal price for the first slice of the salami.”

What a difference a day makes! Difficult to find any news this morning re what began as the Ottawa truck convoy problem.

Canada has pretty much cleaned up the situation. The truck problem 24 days long. Canada took a few days to get its act together. When done, it moved like all get out to resolve the problem. Failed to pussy foot around and delay as the U.S. has done with regard to demonstrations.

Beginning friday, the Ottawa police arrested 191 protesters, towed 57 remaining vehicles away, and removed tents, etc. erected for meetings and meals. Also moved trailers with heated toilets and 2 saunas.

Those refusing to leave were trampled by police horses.

Order has returned to Ottawa and for all intents and purposes Canada.

Ottawa’s Mayor advised that trucks, campers and vehicles recovered would be sold at public auction. The Emergencies Act invoked by Trudeau gave the Mayor authority to do so.

I am always concerned when someone brings God into a governmental situation. The most recent example is South Carolina’s Republican candidate for Congress Mark Burns. An evangelical Christian pastor, he vowed God would “raise up arms” to help conservatives “shut down” Democratic led Americans.

When I was a youngster attending a Catholic grammar school during World War II, I would wonder whose side God was on. Germans believed in God. Americans believed in God. Whose side was God on?

Syracuse won again yesterday. Beat Georgia Tech in overtime 74-73.

Buddy Boeheim made a 3 pointer near the end of the overtime that was instrumental in the Syracuse victory.

Boeheim did not score at all in the first half. Made only one 3 pointer, the one mentioned. Nevertheless ended up scoring 15 points.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight. So much to talk about. In 30 minutes, I may only be able to cover the Ukraine and Canadian truck convoy situations.

Join me for a fast moving half hour. Nine my time.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou, have you noticed? Donald Trump has NOT (ans hes say’s he will not) condemn Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

    A portion of Americans need to reconcile that as loyalty to who?

    • There is nothing to reconcile, the entire world watched Trump shake hands with Putin and take his word over the US intel community. That was enough to know the real deal.

  2. So, Rick Scott, former Republican governor of Florida and now US Senator, has got a brilliant idea to honor his friend Donald Trump. He wants to name the wall along the American/Mexico boarder after Trump, as in “Trump’s Wall.”

    The unself-aware idiot doesn’t realize that what opponents to Trump’s border wall policies have been calling it all along, including those parts of it that blew down.

    It’s like naming your toilet after your mother in law, then announcing it at dinner!

  3. “An evangelical Christian pastor, he vowed God would “raise up arms” to help conservatives “shut down” Democratic led Americans.”

    Hmm. I remember when similar religious types said GOD placed his hand on Trump in 2016…. using that logic, it means GOD placed his boot on his behind in 2020. Seems fair 🙂

  4. Tulsi Gabbard, who ran against Biden in the Democratic primary in 2020, was widely criticized as a false candidate put up and funded by Republicans, is nor scheduled as a guest speaker at this year’s CPAC convention.

    Just another example of Republican’s not really serious, or honorable, with their politics.

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