Evil! The war and Putin.

It takes me back to September 1, 1939 and Hitler. Putin should be proud. He has proven to the world he is as great a despot as Hitler.

Yesterday was a dark day for the Ukraine. An even darker day for the world if the war moves beyond Ukraine’s borders.

The Washington Post’s editorial this morning made some pertinent observations: An aggressor’s bombs and tanks are wreaking horror and havoc on a weaker neighbor…..Civilized life is being overwhelmed by blood and fire…..Threatens to spread, the U.S. is once again called upon to respond.

It is fortunate NATO exists. Its value will unquestionably be reflected with regard to the Ukraine situation. NATO is together, trained, and ready to go.

Excuse the repetition, what Putin is doing is evil. Putin is evil. His words evil. Especially when he subtly threatens nuclear reaction to those who interfere.

Things happen that have the smell of dead fish. Happens in all walks of life. The law no exception.

A three year investigation has been ongoing into Trump by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. Authorized by Cyrus Vance who after many years in the job, did not run for reelection in November.

Vance a well known and respected prosecutor.

He appointed two top prosecutors to lead the Trump probe. Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz. The Trump prosecution staff consists of the two plus 25 other attorneys, paralegals and analysts.

The new DA elected to replace Vance is Alvin Bragg. A Democrat as Vance was. Alvin Bragg not a Cyrus Vance. Bragg appears to have abandoned the investigation into the former President.

Vance had authorized a grand jury. Witnesses have been presented before the grand jury through this past December.

Bragg took office January 1. He has prohibited any further witnesses to be called before the grand jury. The grand jury’s “life” expires April 1.

It is believed the grand jury has sufficient evidence to indict and a trial thereafter to convict Trump.

Dunne and Pomerantz’s hands have been tied by Bragg. He apparently has prohibited any further witness to testify nor the grand jury to vote. It appears he is waiting for the grand jury’s legal life to expire.

Dunne and Pomerantz resigned this week in protest. When two top respected attorneys do that, it is a clear indication something is amiss.

An investigation into the matter is warranted.

For lovers of art, Key West’s annual Old Art Days Festival is an event not to be missed. It is this weekend – saturday and sunday – from 10-5 each day. It will be held at the Truman Waterfront Park.

One hundred ten artists will be exhibiting their works.

Jack Baron was an artist and dear friend. For many years. He passed away some 10 years ago.

His work unique. His specialty was painting black women.

I have been a collector most of my adult life. I purchased my first Jack Baron at the Old Island Art Festival 27 years ago. A Black Madonna and Child. A magnificent piece!

It hangs with pride in my home to this day. It also is my favorite Baron piece.

I have 14 Baron works. I was not aware I had purchased the greatest number of his works till Jack died. A reporter called Jack’s lifetime partner Bob Burton and interviewed him re Jack, his works, etc.

Bob told him he should call me also as I was the person who had the largest collection of Jack’s works.

Jack also did tapestries. If he especially liked a painting he had done, he would take a year sitting on his couch watching TV at night doing something I believe called crewling. Whatever.

When done, he sold them. He did very few. I purchased 2. $10,000 a piece. One is Adam and Eve in the Garden of Paradise. The other his mother. He did her as a black woman wearing a long red gown.

One reason I had so many of Jack’s paintings is I had purchased a large home on the ocean in Key Haven. I did my dining room solely in Jack Baron’s works. The room was a joy. Three walls of Jack Baron and the fourth a huge window.

He had many friends. A group of us would meet early every morning at his studio which also served as his gallery. We would sit around drinking coffee and solve the world’s problems.

They were good times.

Enjoy your day!


24 comments on “WAR!

  1. Donald Trump’s actions and words on this Russia issue are deplorable, as are those who have agreed with him and those who have not spoken out against him, on this as well. The can only be called communist sympathizers. Joe McCarthy must be rolling over in his grave.

    Shame on you all.

  2. I tried to warn you guys about Donald Trump and his basket of deplorables.

    You all laughed when he used that against me as a smear!

    But I was right, almost! I never thought Donald would be the first true Communist as President.

    Now I am comfortable saying that all those deplorables (including the current Republican party and anyone who votes Republican) are communist sympathizers.

    Live wit it!

  3. Only a deplorable communist sympathizer would make that statement

    and only a pathetic troll would post it on this blog.

    EVERYONE knows Trump and his followers are in this with Vlad !

  4. RJ, you are showing your ignorance, Biden did not create this problem, Donald Trump did with his promise to give Putin the Ukraine during his second term.

    Although Trump failed to remain in office, Putin calculates he can still take the Ukraine, given so much sympathy and support in America for communist Russia, that he won’t really have any problems.

    Your ignorant criticism of Biden on this issue not only reinforces what HRC said about Trumps deporables (including you) but weakens America with stupid arguments attempting only to create just more division.

    • Sandy is a pathetic person and troll on this web blog, who aspires to be “the drunk in the corner” with unexpected brilliant, out of the blue, observations. Trouble, is he lacks any intelligence to even get out anything coherent, let alone relevant or even original thoughts.

      Not even sad anymore, just embarrazzing.

    • All the bullsh*t about Trump causing WWWIII, lay the blame on No balls Biden where it belongs!We are fixing to be without gas for our vehicles, trucks to deliver your food. But don’t worry Biden says we may suffer for our morales. The deplorables and Trump followers know more truth than you will ever know. Have fun with what’s coming.

      • You communist sympathizers are all about twisting anything and everything to lay the blame on Biden no matter what. Trump may not have caused WWIII but he sure as hell laid much of the groundwork and is a big fan of Putin’s, which he isn’t trying to hide and you cannot deny. Trump’s praise for Putin now is contrary to America and the world’s interests. It is feeding the flames of war and obviously not helping anything Biden, or the rest of the world, is trying to do to avoid war. History will show Trump’s actions now as treasonous and your support for him as just as bad.

        …and suggesting Trump and his deplorable followers knows more about the truth than everyone else, is just ludicrous, another “big lie,” so crazy it makes anything you’ve said not just dismissible, but stupid.

        I for one will pray for you, little lady.

        • YOU don’t know me! Don’t need you to pray for me. Biden was voted in supposedly to bring everyone together. You being a self righteous bigot that you are, think you can put everyone down and they have no opinion. All the crap that posted on here about Trump, never comes up about the Biden clan. We live in a Country that everyone can have there own opinions. Where has that gone?

  5. Surber – I don’t think you have any business here after all the crap you’ve posted in the past. Why don’t you just stick to managing your own communist friendly, Trump supporting, racist blog.

      • Do you have even the slightest level of comprehension?

        I give my opinion and you want to label that “No freedom of speech”?

        Me thinks you are only trolling to suppress other peoples opinions.

        Do you feel that YOU can say what ever you want and be beyond AND criticism for what you say?

        Sandy – I think you are a bigger jerk that people say you are.

  6. supporters of Joe- not
    As Russian missiles flew through the Ukrainian sky Thursday and world leaders decried an invasion spreading across the country, China refused to condemn Russia’s move outright, while appearing to levy blame on the United States.
    And Germany, Italy only with half of a heart you know the place where Joy is going to vacation this summer.

    • Who is this freak Sandy?

      …and why is he more worried about China’s reaction to Russian aggression than so many Americans, including ore recently deposed dictator wannabe and so many of his delusional followers?

      ill you please STFU, Sandy. We don’t need your sh*t, right now!

      • Sandy is a long time troll and on Lou’s blog, who even sometimes posts sober.

        Sandy seems to be one of those people who hates America and apparently just about everybody who lives here. He is incredibly racist, especially against “The Blacks” as he calls them, Jews and anything Chinese.

        A lot of people here feel it is best to let him rant, some even provoking that, because it shows a) what FOX News is talking about on any given day – without having to watch them and b) how stupid the wacko right (almost all Republicans now days) really is.

        Be warned, he can be vulgar and not always lucid. But he does offer a laugh, even at his own expense.

        Oh, he ‘s really, really, hates Lou!

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