I came across a quote, statement, whatever. I am not sure. However, in its own way food for thought: “A person without imagination is like a tea bag without hot water.”

Tomorrow is March 1. The day Biden presents his first State of the Union Address. It is also the day that American right wingers decided was the day for US. citizens to have their own Truck Convoy. Washington D.C. its goal.

The convoy’s name similar to Canada’s: Freedom Convoy USA 2022. Its purpose to end the “pandemic national emergency” and put to an end government rules requiring masks and vaccines.

Will tomorrow’s truck convoy be as impressive as Canada’s? More so? Less?

I suspect less.

I doubt it will be anywhere as close in size as Canada’s. One reason is everyone knows about it. Good guys and bad. Washington has been busy with planning and preparations for a month.

Organizers of the convoy had a simple plan in place. Several small convoys would start from various U.S. cities. As they drove to Washington, other truckers would join them.

Reminded me of the movie Spartacus. Recall as the slaves rode their horses to wherever, other groups of slaves would join them daily. A small group turned into a slave army of thousands.

One of the groups started from Los Angeles a few days ago. Not a large group. Only 5 tractor trailers.

A stop was made in Las Vegas. One or two of the five dropped out. No new trucks had joined nor were any joining in Las Vegas.

The leader of the Los Angeles group quit. He was disappointed no one seemed enthused about joining.

The convoy’s goal is the National Mall. If unable to gather at the Mall, a back up plan is in place. The Beltway. Use the Beltway to disrupt Washington.

The Ukraine situation continues.

My admiration for the people of the Ukraine is without limit. Such bravery. It is my country! Terrific! Makes me wonder if we would stand in such fashion were the U.S. under attack. We are not the brave farmers and merchants of 1776. We are not made of the same stuff as those who fought on both sides during the Civil War. We are not that special generation who fought World War II.

Belarus sits aside the Ukraine. It is Russia’s puppet. Word is Belarus is ready to send troops into the Ukraine this week. To fight on Russia’s side, of course.

A U.S. Defense official described Belarus in practical terms as “an extension of the Kremlin.”

Recent reports reveal Russia has used Belarus to launch missiles and aircraft across the Ukraine.

Belarus voted in recent days to ditch its non-nuclear status. The announcement coincides with Putin’s second nuclear threat.

A cop stealing from other police officers. Such has occurred in New York City.

Edward Mullins was until recently President of the Sergeants Benevolent Association. The PBA for New York City police sergeants on duty and retired.

The PBA has 13,000 members. It is the fifth largest police benevolent association in the U.S.

Mullins stole from members’ dues in excess of $1 million from 2017-2021. He used the monies to support his high style way of living.

Mullins surrendered to the FBI last week.

Syracuse, my Syracuse! Syracuse plays another top team tonight. North Carolina. The season has not been a good one. I still do not  understand. Team material this season the best ever. Their record  one of the worst ever.

Such is life.

Enjoy your day!


    • which Sandy is not blocked? The controller of the list is at it again. They were educated by the best == which was it– Putin or Xi?
      Blocking the truth again, the controller is again playing games with names when the truth comes around.

  1. There are 46 Republicans in the Senate today who in 2020 voted against convicting Donald Trump for withholding military aid from U kraine in an attempt to get President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to dig up or manufacture dirt against a political opponent Trump feared. (Fifty-two Republican senators voted to acquit Trump, but six are no longer in the Senate.)

    The specifics here are important as we consider how those Republicans are responding to the Russian invasion of U kraine—and how they are characterizing President Joe Biden’s response.

  2. Hey Lou, White House lifted the mask mandate today. How coincidental, one day before the state of the union address. Wouldn’t want the White House staff to be seen wearing masks on national TV! Lou, what Covid science changed from yesterday to today.

    • First of all, the mandate was lifted only “For Those Fully Vaccinated”, which is just about everybody in the White House. Second, it was lifted for timorrow March 1st. Furthermore, many states and cities across the country have also been announcing the end of mask mandates, starting March 1st.

      None of which was listed in your troll post!

      Funny how it doesn’t seem like much of a smear when one knows the whole story, now does it?

  3. When people ask me why I’ll accept the use of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” for the U krainian people and not for the anti-maskers. Well, one use is for a righteous battle against oppression, the other is an infantile foot stamping against an inconvenience

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