President Biden leaves today for Europe and a series of meetings. One involves a meeting at the Vatican with Pope Francis.

Francis the #1 Catholic in the world. Biden one of the most devoted.

There is much they could talk about. World problems are many. However due to the constraints of time, I have selected one which I believe will consume a good portion of their time. American bishops.

Both men are “common targets” of a large group of American bishops seeking to undermine them.

Climate change is an item of concern to both men. A significant one.

In 2015, Francis wrote the encyclical Laudats Si. It dealt with climate change and global warming. Francis recognized the dangers and wrote the encyclical which in normal course would reach Church members world wide.

It is common knowledge that a significant number of Catholic bishops oppose Francis. The U.S. Conference of Bishops one. Whatever Frances stands for, they are against.

The Bishops Conference is the far right wing of the Catholic Church. Like far right Republicans in the U.S. In fact, the Bishops and far right Republicans have joined in their efforts to oppose the same things politically in the U.S. They walk hand in hand.

To appreciate what is being set forth, recognize that the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican under Trump was Callista Gingrich. Wife of Newt Gingrich. Her position gave Gingrich influence in the Vatican.

During the Trump administration, Steve Bannon became interested in the Vatican. His purpose to bring down existing governments was extended to include the Vatican. The Vatican is considered a government state.

Bannon spent considerable time within the Vatican. He and Gingrich worked hand in hand. Both strongly opposed to Francis. The two worked with the Catholic bishops and Vatican hierarchy opposed to Francis.

What a marriage! Catholic bishops, Vatican hierarchy, Gingrich and Bannon all working against Francis.

Francis needed God on his side then and now.

Encyclicals are like a letter to all Catholics. Bishops and local clergy are expected to make parishioners aware of an encyclical’s contents and push parishioners to support a Pope in the position taken.

Catholic bishops did not push Laudats Si. Never made it a priority. Went their own way by ignoring the encyclical. By so doing, the bishops diminished its importance.

Silence can influence a subject. Silence can work as a denial of a subject.

Catholic bishops seem to be of the same frame of mind as older Republicans. Also each group is white. Older and white. Sound familiar?

Most interesting was a survey conducted. Forty seven percent of those Bishops who responded said FOX News was their primary source of news.

Would you believe!

Biden was to fly off to Europe at 8:30. He has not left yet. He is making a last ditch effort to package the social infrastructure bill.

Manchin and Sinema are the culprits holding things up. Their 2 votes required.

Both can congratulate themselves from destroying what initially was a terrific bill for the American people. They have eaten away at it. Many important matters had to be removed. Some lessened in time and money.

Retribution and revenge are in order. It will come. Not immediately. However at some future time, each will feel the wrath of their Party and the American people.

Kyrsten Sinema committed sacrilege. Tuesday she wore a black T shirt and blue denim vest when she was Presiding over the Senate.

She has chosen the path of personal ambition over party loyalty. She perceives herself as another John McCain. She kids herself!

Diversity has been around for two generations now. Intended to help blacks and other minorities. The tide is turning. In recent years, diversity in some cases has been working in favor of whites over blacks. Sort of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and vice versa.

The day of successful “reverse discrimination” is at hand.

David Duvall is in his early 50’s. A white man. He was part of senior management with Novant Health hospital system. He was Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications. He had been employed by Novant for close to 5 years.

Novant determined a need to promote diversity in its management ranks by sex and gender. Duvall was fired within 5 days of his fifth anniversary with the company. Significant also in that he would have been entitled to a greater severance pay if he had reached the 5 year mark.

Duvall was discharged for alleged incompetency, mistakes, etc. He was replaced by a black woman and a white woman.

Duvall sued in federal court in North Carolina. He claimed he was fired because he was a white male.

The jury agreed with him. He was awarded $10 million.

Enjoy your day!



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