I received my vaccine  booster shot saturday afternoon.

Has knocked me on my ass.


Yesterday, I could not focus till 5 in the evening. I tried everything to get a blog out. To no avail. I have notes for a Justice Sotomayor piece. Tried to write it. No way! In the past 12 years, I have done 4 Social Security pieces. Referencing the rape of Social Security by the government. I have been wanting to do one again. No way could I put it together.

I tried my usual several topic format. Did not work.

It was hard to think. Best expressed, I was foggy.

Ergo, skipped yesterday’s blog. Going to happen today again.

My head is clear. My body totally exhausted. I can’t believe how tired I am.

I have been told several times if you have a reaction to the vaccine, it’s good. Means the vaccine is taking hold. It has got me!

I hope these few days of maladies will be over today. I want to feel better.

Hopefully, tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

11 comments on “BOOSTER RESIDUAL

  1. My booster shot had my arm sore most of the following day and I too was somewhat more lethargic than I had been during the first two doses.

    I too was pleased to see I was reacting, knowing that it was working. It only lasted a day and no other effect since.

  2. Hey Lou, my wife and I are coming to Key West in a couple of weeks and want to go to Marilyn’s restaurant, per your experiences.

    But we read where it is closed. Is that true? What have you heard?

  3. Restaurants are not like a government business, if you do not pay the vendors they shut you off–no taxpayer to bail you out.

  4. The FBI has just reported that there were more HATE crimes in 2020 than since 2001, that’s 20 years. And that’s only those crimes that were reported.

    I guess that doesn’t really come much as a surprise as 2-20 was the final year of Trump’s four year regime.

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