Happy Halloween!

One of my happiest days as a father. When the kids were little, I took them Trick or Treating. I would stand on the sidewalk as they ran up to the front door of each house.

Their excitement became mine.

When we got home, we would lie on the living room carpet and go through the goodies. Me, too! I enjoyed the excitement of….Look what I got! I enjoyed also in joining them eating the unhealthy food.

Their mother was always in the background yelling at me to “stop letting them eat that garbage.”

Those were the days.

I have been in quarantine again for 3-4 months. Sick of it!

Next saturday will be 2 weeks since my booster shot. I can’t wait. I am getting stir crazy. I am going out next saturday!

I missed Fantasy Fest this week. All I have are some newspaper photos to show me what is going on.

From my perspective, nothing should have been. Key West cancelled the parade and other public events. However everything else was planned, open and available.

Saw a picture of the Zombie Bike Riders. Three different streets. Crowded shoulder to shoulder as far as the eye could see. Everyone made up to look like zombies.

The zombie parade begins at the cemetery. Because of the crowd, three separate streets were used. Each ending up in the same place on Duval.

There was also a photo of costume dressed people marching down Duval all excited. Not as many as the zombie event, but enough.

My age affects my thinking process. I believe all of Key West should have been shut down. No partying anywhere, inside or out.

COVID is not behind us. Yes, the numbers are better in Florida the past 2 weeks. Guaranteed the numbers will be up in Key West in 2 more weeks. COVID must have had a field day this past week while enjoying Fantasy Fest together with the humans.

Facebook has billions with which to operate. Whatever they do should be better than what has been done. All of Facebook’s problems probably could have been avoided with better care being taken in the formulation/development of new steps.

The most recent example being the new name for Facebook revealed this past week by Zuckerberg: META, short for Metaverse.

Facebook blew it!

The term META is traceable to “dead” in Hebrew. Israelis have been mocking the name. Someone developed a new hashtag: #Facebook Dead.

When it rains, it pours!

Lori has been cutting my hair for more than 25 years. We have become friends.

I got a haircut about a week ago. Lori told me she and her husband were going camping this weekend. Where, I asked? In the Everglades.

Sounded strange to me. I have been through the Everglades by car several times and once by a 24 hour boat trip.

I asked why would you want to go to the Everglades to camp.

They have done it before. They were going with another couple this time. The others like to swim. Swim!!! They’ve got to be crazy!

Lori agreed. She refuses to go in the water. There are alligators everywhere. And who knows what else.

This blog appears also in Feedspot everyday. Feedspot carried an article today: Snorkeling in the Florida Everglades.

No way, Jose! Some people are just plain crazy!

Gas prices have been going up the past several months. COVID and the supply line problems the reasons given why.


Saudi Aramco announced yesterday that it had posted a 160 percent rise in profit for the third quarter just ended. In dollars, the profit amounted to $30.4 billion.

We have been warned gas prices will continue to go up. Aramco announced they expected the next few quarters to be even better.

President Biden and Communion. An ongoing issue.

Prior to Biden’s visit with the Pope, several American bishops wrote the Pope chastising him for meeting with Biden. The reason being Biden supports legalized abortion.

Recall a good number of American bishops are anti-Pope Francis. They want him removed from the Papal Office for a number off reasons. They are joined in the effort by Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich.

The Pope handled the matter well.

In their face to face meeting, Francis called Biden a “good Catholic” and said he should continue receiving Communion.

That same day, Biden and his wife received Communion at St. Patrick’s Church in Rome. St. Patrick’s a part of Francis’ archdiocese. Father Joe Ciccone is Vice-Rector at St. Patrick’s. He said, “When you are a public figure you have to make certain decisions, especially in a democracy, on behalf of more than just your own personal feelings.”

The Atlanta Braves continue to have a nick name problem. A number of people want the name “Braves” removed.

It’s World Series time. Last night, Trump and wife attended the game in a private box. They were seated up front in the box. They smilingly joined the rest of the fans who stood and did the “Tomahawk Chop.”

The term is considered racist and demeaning by Native Americans.

Syracuse won again yesterday. Beat Boston College 21-6. Hope we win a couple more.

Enjoy Halloween!


14 comments on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  1. Meanwhile Lou, while you are safe in your house, Joe Biden is in Europe, in his 85-car caravan, without a mask, shaking hands, after coughing into it.

    • Donald Trump’s motorcade when visiting the Pope in 2017 was 62 vehicles. Biden’s visit now, required 85 vehicles (a significant number of which were motorcycles) due to Italian “Covid” regulations limiting 4 people to a vehicle.

      Later during the same trip, this time in Scotland, Biden used just 20 vehicles (not 85) for transport to the venue.

      There was no time that Biden needed a Caravan to “drive around Europe” only those times from the Airport to the venue theselves.

      These facts are now being used by the right wing media, without any explanation, in an attempt to smear Biden, rather than talk about the purpose or results of the meetings themselves.

  2. Rude reply with ill-informed, prejudicial intent.

    Maybe some day some of you Americans will understand why so many of us Europeans think of you as a nation of a-holes.

      • Tell you what, I’d rather be talking to a fully vaccinated and constantly tested (and watched) Joe Biden in Europe, any day, then flying with any unvaccinated and defiant American Airlines pilot, any day!

        • Nice Dodge. So NOT ill informed. Next time try to stay on topic.

          And I don’t take much regard about being called rude from someone who freely throws out the a$$hole comment, especially when confronted with facts they don’t like

          • Awhhhh, you poor misused snowflake. You don’t even know who you are talking to, I never called you an a$$hole. Spend less time playing the victim and trying to tell everybody what they can and can not do. You ain’t the boss of anybody!

            • If this wasn’t you, “Maybe some day some of you Americans will understand why so many of us Europeans think of you as a nation of a-holes.: Then STFU

              • Oh my, such anger, snowflake! Maybe you shouldn’t have azzumed you knew what you were talking about.

                I’m not sure who you are addressing with your arrogant STFU spittle, but either way, who the hell do you think you are?

      • A) Joe Biden’s European tour is by Air Force One, NOT an 85 car caravan.

        B) Joe Biden is almost always masked when in public during his visit.

        C) During his European tour, Joe Biden does not cough into his hand before shaking hands with anyone, just did not and does not happen.

        • You need to read more. Video online of the 85 car caravan
          Video of Joe coughing and then shaking hands
          Video of Joe laughing and smiling, right up next to other people, NO MASK

          The topper though was video this morning of Joe Sleeping through climate speeches. Priceless. An aide had to wake him up.

          • No sir, you are lying, my remarks are accurate

            There is NO VIDEO of:

            A) Joe Biden’s European tour of his 85 car caravan, or

            B) Joe Biden un masked (apart from photo ops) when in public during his European visit, or

            C) During his European tour, Joe Biden does not cough into his hand before shaking hands with anyone, just did not happen.

            You are, as always manipulating videos taken elsewhere at other times and now misrepresenting them incorrectly desperately trying to create gotcha moments, as if that’s some sort of prize.

            I don’t know why I or anyone even bothers to answer your dishonest and malignant posts. You are only trying to mess with us and start fights by dishonest means, no wonder people call you an a$$hole.

  3. So did you mean the pilot who was isolated from his pa$sengers, in a locked c0ckpit? Did you mean THAT pilot? Who told you that pilot was not vaccinated, by the way?

    So I get it, you would rather be with Sleepy Joe…who’s press secretery was just diagnosed with Covid. Nice crowd.

    • No, I was talking about THAT American Airlines pilot interview on FOX News, who told everyone that he was not going to get vaccinated and was willing to go on strike, even lose his job, if necessary. That’s not the crowd I want to be part of.

      Those who have been responsible and not blindly defiant, yet still get Covid, are people I am willing to take a chance with. That doesn’t include Joe Biden or his press secretary, because I don’t have a reason to be near them, unlike my need to be in airplanes with apparently some irresponsible pilots. My concern is, if they are irresponsible with their own lives, can they be any different with the lives of their pazzengers?

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