I have to smile. Some are critical that I favored getting the shots and am excited to be getting the booster shot today. Makes me wonder. Is freedom of choice only for those who do not want the shot?

Halloween a week away. Ever wonder the origin of the Halloween pumpkin?

Pagan roots. Not surprising. Many things are of pagan origin..

The night connecting October 31 and November 1 has always been a scary one. The “spirits” are out. Thought for real in times past. Today part of the tradition.

The story takes us back to Samharin. An ancient pagan festival. The evening of 10/31 into 11/1 was considered the time when autumn transitioned into winter. The ancient Celts believed on that particular evening a thin “veil” existed between life and death. “Spirits” roamed freely between between life and death. Celts of course did not want to meet them.

One spirit in particular: Stingy Jack. Purportedly the Devil’s representative.

To protect against Stingy Jack, lanterns were prepared. So as to see Jack. Lanterns were placed in windows, in front of houses and carried by hand if out walking.

Initially, lanterns were made of metal. Too expensive. So people began using earth vegetables. Turnip being the most popular. As with today’s pumpkin, the turnip was carved with a face figure and candles were placed inside.

Somewhere along the line, the turnip gave way to the pumpkin.

People originally believed that Stingy Jack or one of the spirits might capture them. If so, they would be taken to “Limbo.” There to remain forever, never to see the face of God.

The Halloween lantern scenario began in Ireland. Made its way to the U.S. sometime in the early 1800’s. First made its existence known to all in the 1820 adaptation of Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The Headless Horseman was shown with a pumpkin pick o’ lantern in place of his severed head.

Today one of historical significance. It was on this day in 42 B.C. that Marcus Julius Brutus committed suicide.

Brutus is best known because of his “Et tu, Brute?” fame. He was one of those who assassinated Julius Caesar.

Caesar spoke those words as Brutus was knifing him.

Brutus’ cooperation in the assassination was thought strange. He was much younger thn Caesar. Caesar had been his mentor. Taught him the ways of Roman government. He was responsible for Brutus’ successes.

Those assassinating Caesar were of the opinion that Caesar’s death would help to better Rome’s government. They were wrong. Everyone wanted to then be Caesar. Civil War broke out among several factions.

Two years following Caesar’s death, Brutus’ army was defeated by those of Octavius and Anthony. Brutus committed suicide as a result of the defeat.

There is a certain “classiness” that goes with being a former President. Certain acts and statements are not made. Lacking in good taste!

The story of Trump in a Moscow hotel room with some prostitutes before his election and some peeing on the bed or its occupant has been around for years. Never proven.

Trump spoke thursday evening at a key donor Republican dinner. Unprompted and not invited, Trump made the statement: “I’m not into golden showers.”

Thank you, Donald. We have all been waiting for your denunciation of the alleged occurrence.

United Airlines warned prices will spike thanks to rising jet fuel costs. The result of recent supply shortages and the pandemic.

Syracuse plays Virginia Tech at 12:30. A toss up as to who will win. Syracuse is 3-4 and Virginia Tech 3-3.

Syracuse carries a heavy on their shoulders. Its last 3 games were each lost by 3 points. Close games. Had Syracuse won, its record would be 6-1 going into today’s game.

Would have beens don’t count, however.

Church bells rang on wednesday this week. Jean Thornton had returned! Key West’s Golden Girl because of the emeralds and gold coins she found on a Mel Fisher dive. Changed her life!

Everyone loves Jean!

Enjoy your day!

28 comments on “BIG DAY…..I GET MY BOOSTER SHOT

  1. The problem with the wacko’s on the right, is hate. Hate is the beginning of a disease, like cancer. It may kill your enemy, but it will destroy you in the process too. This is exactly what’s happened to those on the right, the racists, the Proud Boys, the separatists, the flu klux clan and now even the Republican party and their lackey and misguided libertarian underbelly. They have fed on hate for so long they can not function with civility or decency and as such deserve no respect any more. They are now at the post where they are even eating their own.

    • Could be, but then again maybe it is true and Donald Trump doesn’t want anyone to know about it!

      Which is more likely? It never happened, or it did happen and Donald Trump is lying about it.

    • Trunp’s track record with lies and the truth, make it almost certain that he is lying about the pee incident in Russia too. He lies just about everything.

      You can think what you want but my bet is that it happened and it ain’t no fake news.

    • Well, we know Trump likes prostitutes, always did. There are something like 27 active issues where women have accused him of various abuses, including Rape. He was also shown to have paid off some of those to keep quiet along with NDA’s, some apparently with illegal campaign funds. Why wouldn’t there be a pee incident, or something way worse.

      Trump has forfeited ALL credibility when it comes to things like this and those who deny it’s probability are just fools with their head’s up their butts, willing to defend him for anything, anytime, anywhere.

  2. Freedom is your right to choose to get a shot, or your right to choose not to get a shot. Not being told you cant have a shot ,or you have to get a shot. That’s freedom in this case.

  3. No, that’s the political spin some people wish to attach to this real emergency.

    The truth is it is actually the smart and responsible thing to do.

  4. That wasn’t the essence of the question. It may be smart and responsible but that wasnt what he asked. Freedom is just that, freedom. Whether the free choice is right or wrong.

    • WTF IS A MATTER WITH YOU ? – You are completely free NOT to take the Covid shot, or Mask when asked, if that’s your choice !!!!!

      BUT, why do YOU think that YOU should then be “free” from ANY consequences of THAT choice ????.

      No shot, no employment (your choice)
      No Mask, no access (your choice)
      No Shot, No mask, no fly (your choice)
      No mask, No Shot, No eulogy, (your choice)
      No Shoes no service ((your choice)
      etc., etc.

      Quit trying to spin this into something YOU want !

  5. Nonsense, that is just your interpretation (spin) on this, especially when applying it to Covid vaccinations

    There’s no such concept as ‘freedom’, the very notion is absurd, one person’s freedom is another person’s constraint. You may think you are FREE to play music at 4 a.m. in the morning, but your neighbours will tell you that they are equally FREE to knock your teeth out with a baseball bat. We are FREE to cooperate with each other, that’s IT, and it’s the price of living in a Civilized Society. The alternative is Anarchy. It’s terrible shame this EQUITY need be explained to fully grown adults.

  6. Thank you! Exactly, we are free to cooperate with each other. Not just do what someone who may, or may not be correct, wants us to. Try living in Syria, Nigeria, etc etc. Then tell us all what the concept of freedom not existing means to you. I fought 2 wars so you could speak freely. Just enjoy it and understand your opinions are not always correct.

    • You more likely fought 2 wars because you had to or had nothing better to do.

      Nowadays you spend you time twisting concepts (true or not) into making things into the way YOU want them to be, not the truth.

      Your use of the term “freedom” is pejorative and an attempt at manipulation for political reasons. A “feel good” word being pushed on you by your puppeteers to create a false sense of entitlement and victimization.

      The fact that you are trying to convince everybody who are not asking is proof of that.

      Get over it. We have a serious emergency and don’t need counter productive political influences to stymie what needs to be done.

      Stupid says: “I don’t need to find cover during a hurricane, because ‘freedom of choice’.”

      BTW, we LOST both of those wars you served and in BOTH cases my rights to “speak freely” were NEVER the issue at hand, stop trying to impress me or anyone else with false narratives.

    • Most of my friends apparently think so. I am frequently invited to parties and sometime even asked to speak.

      May I suggest you try telling the truth and stop making things up when posting here on Lou’s blog. Your though process is all mixed up and contradictory as you keep trying to cover your butt.

  7. Same old with you isn’t it? Just trying to start a fight, then laughing about it.

    Ever wonder why you right wing wacko’s aren’t taken seriously?

  8. Same as why why you left wing libs aren’t. Stay near the middle and be willing to listen and compromise. Right or left can’t always be right. We would all be better off. I don’t like either far right or far left wackos.

  9. Wrong again. You right wing wacko’s are only interested in creating chaos and arguments, never in discussion or reasonable debate. Your stupid and insincere phony posts prove that beyond any excuses you want to cover with now, and without any doubt.

    We would all be better off when you wacko’s stop trying to pretend you know what you are talking about or are honest about anything but getting your own way.

  10. Wow, you are welcome to leave anytime. Your mindless, cynical, sour, angry demeanor is scary. You obviously have very low self esteem and when you try to “discuss” matters it turns to calling me a wacko etc. And you are right and I, and another 200 some million Anericans are all somehow wrong because they dont think like you. You have the right to have have your ideas and opinions, just dont get so upset when others don’t agree. That’s all I’m saying.

    • OK, but all’s I said was “Guns don’t kill, bullets do.”

      no need to get so ballistic on me, jeze, talk about wacko’s. Good lord, you hate that much?

      • Careful, you may not want to engage this guy, he seems dangerous and is mostly interested in gotcha posting, then twisting things around in rather nasty ways. He does seem to go off sometimes in hateful ways. Probably just practicing for Thanksgiving dinner (if he get’s invited anywhere). Paranoia, if you know what I mean!

    • Looks to me that this right wing bozo never really made a convincing argument with his “gotcha” attempt, but kept digging a hole for himself and then just declared victory, à la Trump.

      Posting on Lou’s blog for the sole purpose of creating a lie for fun, is not very nice and reflects more on the person who does that that anything he or she has actually written. If you are really only trying to make someone look bad, you have to accept that you yourself may end up that very person.

      My own opinion is that you must be a disturbed loser with self fulfilling ambitions.

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