Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin does it again! A terrific article re Senate Republicans refusing to even debate the voting bill.

Levin calls them as she sees them. No beating around the bush.

Re the voting bill: “Senate Republicans kick democracy in the balls while it’s doubled over coughing blood.” Casting their ballots against the voting bill debate “disenfranchised millions of voters, and knocked democracy unconscious before burying it in a shallow grave.”

Breaking news. Yes, even in Key West breaking news can occur.

The Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Sea was permitted to make an emergency stop yesterday afternoon in Key West. The huge vessel put into Pier B.

It was a matter of life and death. A male passenger was in septic shock. Clinton last week was hospitalized because of a somewhat similar situation.

The Coast Guard lead in making arrangements for the vessel to dock, the man removed, and medical assistance provided. As a Coast Guard officer said, “It was a matter of life and death.”

The cruise ship referendum may end up in mediation rather than further litigation. An unwise move. Meditation by its very nature ends in compromise. It will end the problem. However in the process bury the City’s referendum. Key West will end up the loser.

At least one Key West Commissioner appears excited about the prospect of mediation. I fear Key West will be sucked into a result not reflective of the will of the people.

The County has made a bad move regarding the mask mandate it imposed. Masks were to be worn in public buildings. The County ended the mandate yesterday.

Bob Eadie, the representative of the Florida Health Department for Monroe County, agreed. Surprised me. He normally is more cautious.

Eadie was of the opinion that the number of new cases had dropped to a level where the Country could rescind the mandate policy.

The devil virus remains with us. The numbers may be down. Not that dramatically, however. They have been down in the past also only to return.

With Fantasy Fest about to begin, I fear by November 15 there will be a new surge. You don’t have to tell me Fantasy Fest  visitors will not be spending time in county buildings. Some will drop in. The virus requires no special invitation as to where it will appear. It has had a way of showing up everywhere.

The move premature! Jumping the gun!

Another day, another Manchin surprise.

He has mentioned in the past his not being supportive of the child tax credit. Then again, he has mentioned just about every provision of the social infrastructural bill as not to his liking. Yesterday however he nailed the child tax credit between the eyes.

He is opposed in its present form. Millionaire Joe Manchin wants to add a work requirement to the child tax credit. He fears some parents might live off of the $250 or whatever per child that will be provided families. He fails to recognize how the temporary child tax credit immediately took millions of children out of poverty in the last coronavirus relief package.

Manchin wants parents “to make some effort” to help support their children. The man infuriates me. Few if any parents fail their children when it comes to making an effort to care for them. Even to the point of the parents going without so their children can eat.

The man has become a destructive force in government.

Enjoy your day!


  1. How do we know the “numbers are down” (sufficiently) in Florida if those numbers are no longer being reported, as you yourself said in a previous post?

  2. Manchin is sounding more like a delusional right winger every day.
    His “some people” are simply lazy shtick is dipped in Republican red.

    • As Democrats we know that bad representation can and should be called out and criticized. Manchin is one of those ans so is Sinema. It’s not just their failure with the Democratic party’s efforts, but as legislators for the people and as people themselves.

  3. Proud Boy provocateur Christopher Brow, arrested for January 6 involvement. This scumbag is known to follow around Black Lives Matter protests and harazz demonstrators. He has admitted on multiple occasions that he attempts to bait leftist activists into physically engaging with him so that they’ll be arrested for azzault, creating a problem that would not otherwise exist, apart from the false blame game the right wing is always trying to create.

  4. Lou, why would you fear a surge in cases from fantasy fest. There have been numerous large gathering (sporting events, concerts Eric,,,) without any significant increase in covid cases. I have attended many FF and it is mostly a gathering of middle aged White people, who have a high percentage of total vaccination. Oh, wait, Fauci said these type gathering will cause increases, and like a lemming you just regurgitate whatever Fauci and the looney left has to say!

    • Covid surged nearly 700% In South Dakota after Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this year, less than two months ago. That’s an even higher rate than last year and only one example of how your post is factually misleading.

      People like you twisting the facts for political reasons are the problem not the solution.

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