Washington disgusts me! My exasperation has reached the point of being without end. The whole kit and caboodle of them. Position and party immaterial.

The nation seems to be gong nowhere. Biden’s legislative package failing because of two Senators impressed with their 15 minutes in the sun and a Republican Party that forgot years ago how to legislate. Nothing is getting done.

I reached this point this morning while watching MSNBC. Mika was interviewing a Congressman from New Jersey. Don’t recall his name. All he kept repeating was how good things were going. He kept repeating in effect how proud he was of his part, never specifying what it was. His thoughts in no way reflected those of most Americans.

Is there hope for the U.S.? Will we survive this crisis which had many beginnings, the worst however when Trump was elected in 2016?

Woe is we!

A comment by Chauncey De Vega in today’s Salon re Trump: “Donald Trump the man is identical to ‘Donald Trump’ the character, who is so ridiculous that he could not possibly exist, yet he does.”

Bess Levin is the outstanding journalist who writes for Vanity Fair HIVE. In yesterday’s edition, she penned an article titled: Trump Pretty Panicked About Congress Finding Out Exactly What He Was Up To On January 16.”

I share three pertinent quotes from her article.

“He is fighting the House Select Committee like a guy with an incredible amount to hide.”

“He already looks like a guy who tried to overthrow the government because his parents never hugged him as a child.”

“Instead of letting the investigation unfold like an innocent person with nothing to hide would, Trump instead sicced his lawyers on the government.”

The House January 16 Committee held Bannon in contempt last night. The matter next goes to the House for a vote as to whether Bannon should be so charged. Following which it goes to the U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C. to determine whether Bannon’s contempt citation should be presented to a grand jury to determine if he should be indicted.

Hopefully all this will not take a year and a day.

Delay of any sort for any reason will weaken the contempt charge. It will slowly become of little effect. Such is Bannon’s game plan, such is Trump’s game plan.

Some believe Bannon will “capitulate” before being criminally charged. They claim regardless of anything in the past, Bannon and Trump are no longer friends. They suggest not to be surprised if Bannon “screws Trump” by “blowing him in” as the saying goes.

Key West has always been the home of many authors. One is James Leo Herlihy.  Herlihy died this day in 1993 while living in California. He had lived in Key West from 1956-1972.

Herlihy is best known for two of his books which were made into movies: “Midnight Cowboy” and “All Fall Down.”

Keys News made mention this morning that in Key West on this day in 1893, Jefferson B. Browne took over the office of Collector of Customs.

I recognized the name immediately. Said to myself I know the man!

Browne published a book in 1912 titled “Key West: The Old and The New.”

I bought the book last year. It has been an excellent source of information re Key West’s early days. It covers everything up to 1912.

Joe Manchin is replacing Donald Trump in my mind. A day does not go by that I do not think about him.

Some of my thoughts re Manchin.

He is betraying West Virginia. The State’s coal industry is doomed. Dying more and more in recent years. Manchin wants to take West Virginia down with it.

Manchin advised yesterday he will not vote for the $150 billion Clean Electricity Performance Program which is part of Biden’s social infrastructure bill. He had been hinting and skirmishing around whether he would for months.

Which means Biden will go to the upcoming climate talks in Scotland with nothing in hand. Such will seriously harm the meeting’s prospect of success. And as a practical matter embarrass Biden personally as he has been seen as the leader in the fight for climate change.

What goes around, does come around. Manchin’s day will come. No one will feel sorry for him, however.

Enjoy your day!

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