What goes around comes around.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will get their just due. It is only a question of when.

It is not because they played hardball. Rather, it is because they did not know how to say yes when asked to cooperate, for a favor, etc. Many visited them over the past few weeks asking for help. Reasons given why. Positive responses appear to have been none.

Those asking were primarily contemporaries. Other elected officials. Including President Biden.

Manchin especially refused to bend.

Everyone needs a favor now and then. Special help. Manchin and Sinema will approach those they have recently turned down. Memories are long lived. They will receive the same congenial response they gave to those who asked for their help. Sorry…..I just can’t do it.

A man I have admired for many years is New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. He started with the Times when 25. Now 37 years later at 62, he is leaving.

Hard to believe.

He is leaving to run as the Democratic candidate for Governor of Oregon.

He feels an obligation to actually fight the battles he has commented on up to this time.

A good man. A very good man. However, I think he’s crazy. He is entering the twilight of his life/career. He is highly respected. Twice a Pulitzer Prize winner. His written words always steeped in wisdom.

He has been motivated by a desire to help. No selfish purpose involved.

In his sudden good bye column, he wrote: “We are an amazing species, and we can do better.” Such will be his goal. To do better by helping those most in need. If you have been a loyal reader of his columns over the years, you would recognize his motivation an unselfish one.

Such is the man.

Andrew Cuomo has been legally charged. With one misdemeanor. Eleven women complained. Only one’s complaint is being pursued apparently.

The woman claims breast fondling.

The charge carries a maximum sentence of one year. The case is venued in Albany City Court.

The case could be one involving she said, he said. Perhaps more. Time will tell.

Facebook announced it is changing its name to META. No more Facebook.

How this will help them re the company’s present problems, I don’t know.

Several other social media companies are doing the same.

Men! Beware or aware. I am not sure. My message is that cosmetic companies have decided to go after men. A multibillion dollar target from the perspective of producers. Make up “is the final frontier of men’s grooming.”

In 2019, the market was $47 billion. By 2027, it is expected to be $78 billion.

Male grooming is big in Asia. Especially Japan. Japan is 65 percent of the world’s business. At the present time, the U.S. a mere 5 percent.

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “THEIR DAY WILL COME

  1. I think it’s great that ex Governor Cuoumo has been charged with a sex crime. Finally, someone is being held accountable when a woman claims she has been violated in a sexual way.

    Not only that, but we all now know what is not acceptable, or what is acceptable to arrest a political figure for sexual crimes, at least in New York State.

    (allegedly) Kissing or touching someone’s boobs against her will, will not be tolerated, as this should be. On the other hand, raping someone in a dressing room, then splunging on her dress, is apparently acceptable. As is many other similar complaints made against other politicians in New York state which have gone unprosecuted.

    Maybe now all Americans can see how New York handles it’s problems and press on to criminally prosecute all Democrats and Liberals everywhere across this great country, whenever they are accused of any sexual advances to any woman who cares to claim they are out of line. Joe Biden, I hope you are listening.6

  2. Coumo’s not very smart. Had he done something like what he’s being accused of in Florida, it wouldn’t even have made the news. In Florida you can even run an underage trafficking ring with girls and not get arrested.

  3. Twelve plaintiffs are suing Liberty University of deliberate indifference, retaliation and negligence concerning their sexual as*ault cases. What do you bet this gets covered up quickly. Maybe those a*saulted should claim Cuomo was involved, that’ll get immediate national coverage.

  4. Hey Lou, so you think the cuomo case may be a “he said-she said” situation? What happened to the liberal mantra during the Kavanaugh hearing. All Women Must Be Believed! Guess that doesn’t matter when the accused is someone you side with!

    • Who’s saying the woman is not being believed, or that anyone is ‘siding’ with Couomo? Seems more like people here are saying there is a double standard with who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t !!!

      Stop trying to twist things and create a problem that is not there, or are you just messing with us again?

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