Some things continue to be difficult to understand. There are 8,700 students in the Monroe County School System. Masks were mandated by the school board which provided an option where parents could decline to have their children wear masks.

Thus far, 1,058 parents have opted their children out.

The Keys time frame initially for mask wearing is 2 weeks. The situation will then be reviewed again.

Schools have been open around 2 weeks thus far. Twenty students have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

As of August 18, the Lower Keys Medical Center had 20 Covid patients they were caring for.

The hospital is full otherwise. Surgeries are limited. Visitors not allowed. Beds scarce.

Last week 504 new cases were identified in Monroe County. Up from 388 the previous week.

No question the numbers are moving up.

Florida has achieved another distinction. It is the third state to have reached 3 million Covid infected persons. Actually, 3.o8 million. Governor DeSantis bears a large share why such occurred. He is without conscience.

Hospitals are filling up other than in Key West. Alabama has absolutely no empty beds. Shipping some patients to hospitals out of state. Texas has reported limited ICU capacity. Many Oregon hospitals are without ICU beds.

I had a doctor visit yesterday. It was lunch time when I was done. Decided to take a drive down Duval to evaluate people response to COVID. Mostly tourists.

Crowd the fewest I have seen this summer. Down by at least two thirds from my earlier visits.

That in itself is good. People should keep their germs home and not bring them to Key West.

The shocking observance was from Truman to Front I saw not one person or child wearing a mask.

The saying money talks and bullshit walks has many applications. One is how Key West will handle Fantasy Fest this year.

The City Commission is holding a meeting September 1 that hopefully will decide.

Key West cancelled Fantasy Fest last year. Should do so again this year. However pressure is on to keep it open.

Strange. The virus numbers are worse and probably will be even worse come the end of October. At the moment, the numbers and positivity rate are up from last year.

Excuses abound why the event should proceed as scheduled. Money, of course.

The reason receiving the most attention is that the City is powerless to do much because the City’s contract with the outside agency running Fantasy Fest only covers 4-5 events. Everything else that goes on are events sponsored by bars and restaurants. The City claims it is without power to control the outside businesses.

The City should take the bull by the horns and close everything down that week. Better safe than sorry. The continuing excuses preferring money over virus make me sick. Coronavirus is going to be with us until we take the bull by the horns. We have to stop band aiding the problem.

Several months ago, perhaps even last year, Trapper ended up at The Turtle Hospital. I recall the fanfare with which he was received. In bad shape. Floating upside down. Entangled in trap wires. Body externally and internally tumor afflicted.

Trapper got better. He was returned to his home last week. His return to the sea was conducted at Higgs Beach. An event! Many people there to cheer Trapper on.

The Turtle Hospital a special place in the Keys. Well staffed. Its reputation world wide. Many sick turtles are flown in from outside the Keys to be saved.

The hurricane season is upon us again. Always an interesting time of the year. The storms an item of concern and conversation. Irma was bad. A category 4. Especially from Cudjoe north. I returned home about 10 days after Irma hit. You will recall I wrote a book about the hurricane: Irma and Me.

On this day in 1992, Andrew hit. A category 5. A disaster!

Three weeks after Andrew, I was returning to Key West. Opted to drive down from Miami. The trip took me through Homestead.

What I saw that day, I had never seen before. Irma later on looked like kid stuff.

Homestead was down. Everything ground level. Nothing left standing, except for an occasional wall. It was like a movie scene. A war time movie. Following an area that had been bombed big time for several days.

I will never forget. It brought tears to my eyes.

Terri White was recently hospitalized for a week or more. She returned home 2 days ago. She is singing tonight!

At Viva’s on Duval at 7 pm.

One tough lady!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Reports today that Biden is negotiating with the terrorist Taliban and lost. The US was not allowed to extend the deadline. The mightiest country in the world was just humiliated. Americans will be left behind.

    • The negotiation and deadline is all TRUMP. What is it now, in addition to not getting the Constitution, Trump supporters don’t get the concept of a contract or agreement?

      • I’m not sure they don’t “get-it” as much as they ignore the actual facts and simply go for the innuendo and smear, thinking everybody is dumb and will simply accept their version.

      • Blaming this on Trump is all that you have? He has been retired for almost a year! Almost laughable if it wasn’t so dire for all the Americans left behind.

        • No, Blaming Trump because it’s true and because you are trying to blame Biden for something Trump actually did.

          Perhaps if you didn’t try to smear Biden for this you wouldn’t need to try and wiggle out of anything. It would not a problem of YOUR making !

          Stop trying to be so clever, you don’t have the aptitude!

  2. Have you forgotten that Trump also negotiated with the Taliban, when it was the enemy, instead of with the corrupt official government we had propped up? The result of those negotiations released 5,000 of the worst terrorist Taliban prisoners and an agreement that created the current crisis situation. That was something apparently you didn’t mind.

    Well, the Taliban is now the government of Afghanistan, so you could have said Biden was negotiating with those in charge of Afghanistan, instead of trying to spin it as something sinister or wrong.

    But just yesterday you were saying that Biden isn’t doing ANYTHING, Now you criticize him for doing something. Can you make up your mind or are you just trying to start an argument?

    More likely the latter, I’d say. Either that or you are poorly informed and don’t have a clue as to how things work.

  3. Several reports have said American officials don’t know how many Americans were in Afghanistan, although some officials have estimated that between 10,000 and 15,000 were there when the evacuations began,.

    This morning a a whit house briefing, it was announced that America has already removed over 58,000 people from Aftanastan and expects at least 20,000 more in the next few days.

    I think it is safe to say that we have gotten all Americans who wanted to get of, out already and that the others are Afgans who are compromised and want to get out too.

    No reason for you to try and make things worse than they are with your hair on fire false claims and stupid remarks about Americans being left behind. Biden is doing a pretty good job considering the cluster fuk he was presented with.

  4. A new USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows just 41% of Americans “approve” of the Biden presidency.

    But Biden can take comfort in knowing that 100% of the Taliban “strongly approve” of him.

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