Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot forges ahead with 10/15 vaccine mandate for city employees, despite opposition from police unions.

The Mayor in a recent press release wrote, “We must take every step necessary and at our disposal to keep everyone in our city safe and healthy…..Getting vaccinated has proven to be the best way to achieve that and make it possible to recover from this devastating pandemic.”

Four Chicago police unions oppose mandating vaccines. The largest is the Fraternal Order of Police. Its President John Catanzara said in no uncertain terms, “We’re in America, God damn it. We don’t want to be forced to do anything. Period. This ain’t Nazi fucking Germany where they say step into the fucking showers. The pills won’t hurt you. What the fuck?”

The man has a limited vocabulary.

The 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was held 8/6 to 8/15 in Mead County, South Dakota. Five hundred thousand attended. As far as cronavirus is concerned, the event has been described as a “super-spreader event.”

In the three weeks since the Rally began, new coronavirus cases in Mead County are up 686.8 percent.

The Sturgis Rally is actually conducted over a three county area. Included are Butte and Lawrence counties. Butte has experienced a 1,900 percent increase in coronavirus cases. Lawrence 1,050 percent.

Monument Health is a local facility in Rapid City, South Dakota. A hospital administrator said the hospital was “living through a nightmare.”

A Tampa hospital is filled with coronavirus patients. No beds available. A cancer patient transfer from another hospital was recently turned away. The cancer patient needed special emergency treatment. It could only be provided by special equipment to treat the problem. The Tampa hospital had the necessary equipment.

A hospital administrator said, “We just didn’t have a bed. There simply was no room in the hospital to treat the patient.” The administrator went on to add this was the first time in 60 years the Tampa Hospital had turned anyone away.

Another crisis indicator. New Mexico is experiencing a shortage of ICU beds. It has established a “waiting list” for ICU beds.

Regarding Florida, the New York Times reported the pandemic now is worse than it has ever been before. Hospitalization and dying numbers are up.

This past week, Florida averaged 227 deaths a day. By far the most in the U.S. New cases reached 23,314 a day over the weekend.

These numbers are 30 percent higher than Florida’s previous high in January.

Thank you Governor DeSantis. How many more will die before you see the error of your ways?

Recall when Trump said he did not consider John McCain a hero…..”He was captured. Heroes aren’t captured.”

Trump has come up with a new claim that is equally crazy. He said Osama bin Laden was not a “monster.” He “had only one hit. The World Trade Center.”

What an ass! The World Trade Center attack on 9/11 resulted in 2,977 deaths.

The Afghanistan/Kabul thing is heavy. The bombing yesterday at the entrance to the airport resulted in 13 Marines killed and 18 Marines wounded. Additionally 113 Afghans were killed, 164 injured.

I have never thought fondly of Eric Prince. Prince was the CEO of Blackwater, the mercenaries the U.S. hired to fight part of our wars. Prince provided the soldiers, non-military personnel, and weapons of war. His numbers never revealed. Including those Americans who died while on his payroll.

Prince has made an offer to assist in flying people out of Kabul. He will fly people out for $6,500 each. The $6,500 will include transportation from home to airport and a charter flight to fly them out. An extra fee will be charged if persons being evacuated are trapped in their homes.

Prince is one of the richest men in the U.S. His family as well. His sister is Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education for 4 years in the Trump Administration. Her husband is Dick DeVoss, former Amway CEO.

Both Pence and DeVos were heavy Trump contributors. The Prince and DeVos families are listed as the 88th richest in the U.S. Their estimated new worth $5.4 billion.

At $6,500 a head, the families wealth will increase significantly.

There is an oddity involved in the Kabul matter. It involves the fact that it is part of the 20 year old Afghanistan war Biden is closing down.

Democrats and Republicans alike should be supporting the President at this time. Wars have generally received the support of both parties. A 20 year war is the type that should receive 100 percent support.

It does not. Republicans are beating Biden up. Castigating him ruthlessly. Not the way Kabul should be addressed. There are times we are more that politicians. We are Americans.

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  1. I wonder if Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police President Jon Catanzara also believes that people in his town “should not have to be forced to do anything” either. Things like stop at red lights, maintain posted speed limits, or even obey police officers. After all, “We’re in America, Ged dam it. We don’t want to be forced to do anything. Period. This ain’t Nazi fuking Germany where they say step into the fuking showers. The pills won’t hurt you. What the fuk?”

    Can’t fix stupid cops either, eh?

  2. The correct method to withdraw from an adverse country is to first remove all US citizens, then remove all equipment and arms, then the military. Not the reverse as Biden chose. It is his issue. Biden owns the cluster. Not Trump or any other weak excuse.

  3. Four Chicago police unions oppose mandating vaccines.

    Ask any real union member, especially those who have had to deal with police while on strike, the FOP and PBA aren’t even close to being union.

  4. You publish this every day, and EVERY day you have it wrong.

    Consider the most recent facts.

    An ISIS bomb blew up killing soldiers you said weren’t there because Biden had pulled then all out. Not true, eh?

    Can’t yo ever get anything right. But, to be honest – nobody listens to you, or cares whatever you have to say. You have been so wrong, so many times you are dismissed and abandoned

    Also, while were at it. Trump announced all through his presidency, that ISIS has been defeated and didn’t exist any more. I remember at least once that you touted Trump’s success in eliminating ISIS back then. Feel Like a fool now? I mean again?

  5. ISIS kills just about 100 people in Afghanistan. 10 of those were American soldiers, the rest were Afghanistan locals.

    On that exact same day, COVID killed over 9,000 people in Florida alone, most do to Governor DeSantiss’ insane policies.

    And we have this azzhole Patrick coming on Lou’s blog with his false facts and twisted logic about the incident in Afghanistan and not a peep about Covid in Florid alone.

    That shows exactly where his head is – political nonsense@-+

    • Well, whatever it was, I’m sure it was WAY more than the total in Afghanistan, and I think that’s the point that Patric was trying to make.

      All of this Pearl Clutching about Afghanistan is so stupid especially when compared to the problems here where AMERICANS a dying in far greater numbers.

  6. The deaths from Covid in Florida are not so bad, less than a thousand a day. The real problem is how Biden has screwed up the war in Afghaiatan. What’s next, screwing up Syria? Iraq?

  7. So, US Forces IN Afghanistan have now struck back at ISIS. These are the same US Troops that many idiots on the right have tried to claim were removed from Afghanistan by president Biden BEFORE all Americans and others we safely out.

    Many of these idiots even tried to make that claim here on Lou’s blog with obnoxious and obviously WRONG posts, apparently for the sole purpose of creating arguments.

    Hey azzholes, fuk off!

    • Uh, the strike back was from a drone, not US Forces. And it was launched from outside of Afghanistan. If you’re going to moderate this site, get your facts straight.

  8. 99% of all drones used in Afghanistan during our time there, were not launched from within Afghanistan. Neither were almost all airstrikes and almost all logistical decisions as well. In fact, a SIGNIFICANT majority of the war in Afghanistan was not done from within, insofar as the US effort.

    But you want to make Biden responsible for moving troops out of Afghanistan, yet the recent defense and retaliation there strictly can only come from within Afghanistan? That’s manulioitave and perverted

    Perhaps YOU should try and rethink why you are trying to spin this whole issue to make America look bad.

    Perhaps instead you might want to post something along the lines of: “HEY ISIS, don’t mess with us. Biden can still defend Afghanistan any time we want” instead of trying to denigrate our president and our country with cheap and false oinions of what should or should not be done.

  9. You idiots know that Joe Biden would be the one to have, at the very least, approved the retaliatory drone strike in Afghanistan.

    So let’s cut the crap on him not knowing what to do, or not doing the right thing.

    Getting out of that hell hole after 20 years of total failure, except for making a few AMERICANS and plenty of Afghan drug lords very rich, is the right thing to do. That place will go to hell once we leave, and the wacko right here will use that to complain about that to create more dissent. But at least we won’t be killing American soldiers for no good reason.

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